Meeting of Roof Tent Nomads - continuous rain but the area fills!

Meeting of Roof Tent Nomads - continuous rain but the area fills!

The second day of the Meeting of the Roof Tent Nomads begins like the arrival day came to an end - with rain. Nevertheless, the huge area gradually fills with participants, their vehicles and roof tents.


First exploratory tours through the former military training area show traces of mud on the vehicles of some off-road enthusiasts, so that as a conclusion probably not all the rain in the muddy terrain had being felt as disturbing.


Around the newcomers quickly some people met as welcome group to say hello and first technical discussions immediately start - people know each other.


Despite the rain, numerous fire pits provide something like campfire romance but also hot water and thus warming drinks, 10° temperature is really a bit small for the season.


In the assembly tent, the first events of the comprehensive offer begins, ranging from workshops to lectures. Here are just a few of the topics:
Off-road for beginners, geo caching, self-built roof tent, cooking on open fire, minimal waste, etc.


Also interesting vehicle had arrived in between, here are two former fire engines, mix with the offroad fans and roof tent nomads, will we probably even meet with Tobi and Nadine in their Magirus Deutz 110 D?


Despite the weather, there are numerous cozy corners where campers have their barbeque and chill out zones.


Towards evening, the sky shows a little friendlier face, people meet at the big fire and let the evening slowly fade away during the concert that takes place today.


On this evening the Berlin guitarist, songwriter and singer Markus Sommer is on stage, well, better to say, on the trailer!
And also finds his slightly shivering but steadfastly enthusiastic audience.


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