The panoramic view of the Deutsches Eck near Koblenz

The panoramic view of the Deutsches Eck near Koblenz

We had taken the cable car to the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress above Koblenz and after an extensive tour of the fortifications (report will follow) we discovered the viewing platform on the Deutsches Eck.

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The viewing platform, which hovers like a triangle over the edge of the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress Park, was designed for the International Year of Forests as part of the development of the 2011 Federal Garden Show project.

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The wooden structure was planned jointly by the state forests of Rhineland-Palatinate and the Bundesgartenschau Koblenz 2011 GmbH and built in close partnership and financed in equal parts.

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For the period of the Federal Horticultural Show (BUGA), the building housed the interactive exhibition "Forest in Transition" initiated by the state forests.

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This contribution became a crowd puller during the BUGA and is still a real attraction today.

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After the BUGA, the building was handed over to the city of Koblenz and thus remained as a tourist highlight of the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress Park.

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The building promotes the use of the renewable raw material wood as an ecological and climate-friendly, renewable building material of the 21st century.

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Several hundred name suggestions were submitted to the city of Koblenz.

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The city then decided on the name "Rhein-Mosel-Blick", which was first suggested by Gerhart Josef Hermann, who was born in Koblenz.

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The large number of entries was a sign of the connection between the people of Koblenz and the building, which offers visitors a fantastic view of the Deutsches Eck.

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