Back in Rewa - first way to the beach

Back in Rewa - first way to the beach

The planning and development of a prototype brought us back to Poland, an opportunity to arrive in Rewa in the evening, a lido near Gdynia that we had already visited several times.


So our first way, despite the late sunset, led to the beach with its small, idyllic, slightly moving fishing and tourist boats in the otherwise almost calm bay.


Separated from the open sea by a narrow headland already described, there is an elongated sandy beach that leads to the headland.


The shallow water of the bay warms up relatively quickly, so bathing fun together with the fine sandy beach is provided for the whole family and even smaller children can enjoy the shallow water.


Fortunately, the hustle and bustle and noise level of so many other beach areas are still missing.


There are the obligatory beach cafes and small booths, but everything is still within limits and despite the on-site summer holidays, it is very relaxed.


No high-rise buildings and / or hotel complexes that could interfere with the picture, rather the small, contemplative fishermen's houses characterize the picture.


Even at dusk, windsurfers and kite surfers are still active on the headland, a wonderfully colorful picture. We will report.

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