Würzburg: Like a Picture on Both Sides of Main

Würzburg: Like a Picture on Both Sides of Main

We drove towards the Würzburg city center along the Main River against the view of one of the Würzburg symbols, the grand Fortress Marienberg.

 Coast of the Main River

Fortress Marienberg is located on a hill on the west coast of the Main River. Remaining from the 13th century, it is just a stone’s thrown away from the center. Fortress Marienberg serves as a home of two museums at present.

The Old Main Bridge  

In recent years, The Old Main Bridge has become a meeting place for a good deal of the old and young visitors. Constructed in the 15th century and enriched with the admirable baroque statues in 1730s, the bridge presents a unique view for the visitors.

 Romantic Road

With its vineyards, Mansion, Fortress Marienberg and the good number of spectacular places, Würzburg is the starting point of the Romantic Road, which is one of the most important thematic routes of Germany.

 The old Main Mill  

The view you can see at the bridge banisters in many cities of Germany, is also available at that place. The lovers scratch the date they took an eternal love and fidelity oath on the lock, add it to the bridge banister, then, traditionally the lock of the key is thrown into the Main River.

 Lovers lock on Main Bridge banister



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