Poznan - After busy day at Fair for dinner to the Old Market

Poznan - After busy day at Fair for dinner to the Old Market

A first day of the fair had come to an end and now we were literally drawn to the centre of the historic old town of Poznan on the spacious Old Market with its diverse range of restaurants and the lively life around it.


We were hiking again to the Old Market of Poznań, as the former German Posen is called today, in the middle of the turbulent events of this Polish city, which is extremely interesting for tourists.


And it should be a wonderful end to the day with the variety of wonderful gastronomic offers in Poznan's old town in front of the beautiful backdrop of historical buildings with their richly decorated, colourful facades.


At first we were almost a little overwhelmed by the multitude of gastronomic offers, because to choose and decide from the large number of international dishes was not that easy.


So first a complete walk around the old market, which turned out to be a long undertaking due to the really colourful backdrop of the house facades. Again, and again the gables of the houses tempted us to pause for a moment.


A description can hardly be provided in terms of text, because the pleasant feeling that these beautiful house facades convey, can hardly be put into words. That's how you want to live….


Every now and then a street artist lured people to pause with his juggling art ...


then it was the sound of street musicians that fitted into the scenery.


Our circling around the Old Market had also shown that they had understood very well how to use the streams of tourists financially. The pricing structure of meals was accordingly high.


We were almost resigned to paying a little more here at the Market Place when a young woman approached and referred us to a restaurant on a side street. Once more we noticed to have a clear advantage if you have a native speaker next to you at this point.


She led us to a side street where the prices were moderate, and the quality was excellent. In addition, a green terrace invited us to linger for a while. A wonderful end to the day after a busy fair.


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