CMT – numerous adjustments in harmony with campers

CMT – numerous adjustments in harmony with campers

The walk through the CMT camping trade fair in Stuttgart once again showed how strongly customer wishes can have an impact when it comes to specific interests in their implementation. Why this almost always works in the camping and leisure industry is sometimes just a mystery.

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What is clearly visible is the desire for practical solutions, which can almost be described as a trend: mobile working - equally valid for numerous industries. Whether as a meeting point for business meetings, for online conferences or as a mobile office for travellers.

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The first caravans that are fully equipped with office technology are on display quite impressively and are intended to attract the new trendy “blogger” sector.

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The same trend can also be found in the field of panel vans. High-tech in self-energy supply, in the area of networks and the Internet and, above all, self-sufficiency. More articles on this will follow.

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But minimalists also get their money's worth, because the industry offers numerous solutions for vacation trips, whether as a folding trailer construction, extendable space miracles to the side or upwards. It should be practical and quick to set up and dismantle.

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And need as little space as possible at home during the travel-free period. There should be something for everyone.

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The trend is still to travel to distant destinations by plane and ship, unfortunately ecological approaches are only very slowly becoming more apparent, whether it concerns the on-board supply, which should avoid plastic if possible, or the actual environmental balance, here the customer is still strong egotistical.

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But destinations within the country's borders are also showing clear trends, as bicycles continue to become the focus of interest. Numerous hiking and cycling path networks are presented that are real alternatives to the at least partially questionable long-distance journeys.

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However, relaxation is also ensured with all the information pouring in on the visitor. A little concentration when gliding along the wire is necessary and ensures some relaxation.

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