Migrants are people who move from one place of residence or country to other places of residence or countries, with migrant workers comprising the largest group of migrants. Refugees are different from migrants in international law, those people whose status is regulated by the Geneva Refugee Convention. Recognized refugees within the meaning of the Convention are those who are persecuted because of their race, religion, nationality, political beliefs or belonging to a particular social group.
The main difference between refugees and migrants is that migrants in their country of origin are not threatened with persecution and can return to their homeland at any time. Some migrants also leave their homeland because of extreme poverty and need - but these people are basically not refugees according to the laws.
That is certainly formulated correctly and regulated by law, but does not really improve the life situation for the individual! Wealth (not just money) has to be distributed more equitably, this is the only way to solve problems related with migration!

GentleTent for marketing shots at Lake Ohrid

GentleTent for marketing shots at Lake Ohrid

Several times we had reported about the innovative company GentleTent from Vienna, which could cause a stir with their inflatable tent constructions at the various fairs such as the CMT Stuttgart or the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf.

Camper-cultural trip - further preparation in Tirana

Camper-cultural trip - further preparation in Tirana

In order to continue the preparation of the Camper Cultural Tour through Albania-Macedonia-Greece in April 2017, which will lead through the towns of Shkodar, Kruja, Tirana, Durres, Elbasan, Struga, Ohrid, Stobi, Bitola, Meteora, Rapsani and Thessaloniki, we agreed for a meeting with the operators from Shkodar, Tirana and Struga.

Camping in Turkey - once a famous destination!

Camping in Turkey

Inside of Turkey the best camp grounds are the BP-Mocamps which are mostly connected with one of the BP petrol stations. The Turkish Government together with the office of tourism has published a brochurecalled “Turkey – Camping” where the best and licensed campgrounds are listed. 

Journey of Intimacy & Culture along the Roman Roads

Roman Empire 125

Migration almost always leads to problems in two places, at the place of occurrence of migrants as well as at the place migrants have left. This is one of recent biggest problems all over Europe which almost every day appears in the media. (see updated date)

Routes to the South - also for long term stay (wintering)

Routes to the South - also for long term stay (wintering)

As part of our project work, we have visited different camper stops and campsites for you, which are open during the autumn, winter and spring months too and where next to the plots there also are attractive opportunities for recreation, especially walking and cycling routes.

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