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Again and again, trade fair visits such as the CMT Stuttgart or the abf Hannover are interesting and important, simply because there are always new contacts that are otherwise difficult to produce.

This time, at the ABF in Hannover, where we were lucky to meet the manager of the online portal, Mr. Ralf Penkert. After a short mutual presentation in our respective fields of activity, we got to know as a consumer portal for consumer goods for the camping, caravan and trailer sector, which also covers tools, garden and car sector.

With the presentation of our project work and a little of the related explanations regarding the purpose, which was followed with great interest by Mr. Penkert, we agreed for the further exchange by mail. After further explanation of our work, the, represented by Mr. Penkert, was ready to support our project work in the future. We are more than grateful for this support and look forward to the cooperation, especially as the product range in a device is sold, which we had already reviewed several times and whose function we wanted to check on the road because of own interest. We are glad that enabled us to use a Transcool evaporative cooling system that we like to use on the road.

Transcool® EC3 evaporative cooling system for the caravan

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_firmen_transcool.jpgThe Transcool® EC3 evaporative cooling system is lightweight, compact and energy efficient. An environmentally friendly option that allows multiple voltage of 12/24/100 -240 volts. Evaporative coolers can be operated with or without water.

One of the most innovative ideas of recent years. Simply fill Transcool® with water or ice or a combination of both. The cooling pads now absorb the moisture. Due to the extremely strong fan mounted on the back, the sucked air is now pressed over the pads and experiences the so-called evaporative cooling and is cooled down there. Quite similar to the system of a conventional air conditioning without expensive or harmful coolant. No matter what outside temperatures prevail, there is always a sufficiently cool breeze from the front jets that let the user experience a pleasant cooling. Inflowing air is cooled between 4 - 10 degrees (depending on whether water, ice or both is filled). The whole thing without harmful coolant.

Due to the great success on the Caravan & Camping fair in Essen there is still fair price!

This cooling system can be operated anywhere. It works on 12, 24 V DC or 100-240 Volt electricity. At home or on the move. No matter where you are and what tension is available. TransCool® will not let you down. To be used for long-term use with the included, external, foldable 5 liter tank

The EC3 evaporative cooling system has two low-voltage circuits that allow the Transcool® cooler to be used with either 12 or 24 volt DC power (vehicle battery) and 100-240 AC (household power). The 100-240V transformer is of course supplied with the equipment.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_firmen_penky-1.jpgThe EC3evaporative cooling unit has variable fan speed control that allows you to get the full range of fan speed from "OFF" to "HIGH"!

An evaporative air cooling system that is portable and energy efficient at the same time.

The EC3 Evaporative Cooler also features "Battery Voltage Detector" (CUTOFF circuitry) to prevent a full discharge of batteries!

A fantastic companion that allows you to create a nice cool breeze when traveling, while at work, resting at home or, or, or.

An effective portable evaporative cooler for use in caravans, motorhomes, tents, truck berths, boats etc.  Also, the connection to an external water tank for long-term operation is possible.

Developed and built in Australia.
Lightweight, compact, rugged with low current consumption
Can be used with ice or water, or as a fan without water!

TRANSCOOL® - The innovative, portable evaporation-climatic solution for humans or animals, please read the interview too!


TRANSCOOL® EC3evaporative cooling unit
1 cooling pad
power adapter
12 and 24 volt plugs
210 - 240 volt power supply
external foldable 5 liter tank
Connection hose for external tank connection

QUALITY by TRANSCOOL® AT THE BARGAIN Fair PRICE !! Due to the great success on the Caravan & Camping fair in Essen here still on the fair price!!

The innovative, portable evaporative climate solution - 190,000 satisfied customers cannot be wrong.

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