Rare samples on the Caravan show in Oldenburg

Rare samples on the Caravan show in Oldenburg

It's never too early to prepare yourself for the next holiday! To force this idea, more than 200 holiday experts with individual ideas and offers assembled in Oldenburg to open the camping season 2016 at the Fair Caravan Leisure Travel Fair (CFR) in the Weser-Ems-Halle.



On the CFR - Caravan Leisure Travel Oldenburg around 180 exhibitors, coach providers, cycling experts, tourist destinations, travel agencies, wellness providers, yacht charter and cruise companies with tips and suggestions on how to plan the best time of year are represented by local companies.


In addition to the fair novelties from the famous Caravan Exhibition Düsseldorf various caravan and camper manufacturer present their latest models, organized by the regional distributors. But like in the years before there again were even some rare old timer caravans.


So the local classic car club this time had issued 3 specimens that are still used today by the club members and for private camping holiday, with partly astonishing routes which they are traveling.


The owners themselves, presenting the caravans, were willing for answering couple of questions, where they saw the meaning of their hobby. Partially even combinations of vehicles and coaches were timed to each other when it comes to classic car events for tours.


As part of the club work, efforts are brand-independent by obtaining classic car - Camping vehicles are renewed. All those who have tents and / or camping vehicles in usable state, which have been produced for more than 30 years ago, can join the club .


So it is not surprising that calls to all guests are announced for sundries used material. Also members which have an interest in the objectives of the club, such as mutual assistance in the preservation, maintenance and restoration of historical companion, are always welcome.


The documentation of the history of camping and caravanning in Germany and active care of the old traditions of Camping is the club at heart. Technical speakers, special classic car insurances, lending service for special tools and much more, the club offers for its active members.


Together with other European associations we once yearly organize an Ascension weekend for the "Euro Classic Caravan Rally." This will, of course, every year take place in a different country.


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