Alpine Cross Cabin Concept Van

Alpine Cross Cabin Concept Van

The walk through the Hamburg Camping Fair was once again worthwhile, as we noticed a concept car for the first time, which our activities of traveling and reporting on the Internet

on all the encounters with the very different cultures and cultural goods for our travel and culture portal corresponded very well: the Cross Cabin Concept Van from Alpine.

Innovative interior concept for professional work and exciting trips

alpine concept car 2Alpine's new Cross Cabin vehicle design combines comfortable travel, mobile working and high leisure quality in an innovative concept vehicle.

The world-renowned manufacturer of premium navigation and sound systems for motorhomes and campervans is demonstrating unique ideas and space concepts with this vehicle.

The Alpine Cross Cabin Concept Van was presented for the first time at the CMT 2023 in Stuttgart and was on January 13th, 2023 for the press and bloggers to see in Hall 8, at Alpine's stand B01. From 14.01. - 22.01.2023, all trade fair visitors were able to view the concept van.

We for the first time at the camping fair in Hamburg.

alpine concept car 11Since 2020, the home office has become an established part of everyday work for millions of employees, freelancers and the self-employed. What started as a security measure for a limited time has grown into a global trend that has become indispensable. Meanwhile, not only a few digital nomads can work from anywhere, but also many new remote office workers. After extensive research and interviews with both experienced and new remote office workers, it quickly became clear that the huge interest in Workcations required a new type of vehicle specifically designed for the purpose.

The majority of respondents have the opportunity and consent of their employer for such workcations. This enables them to freely and independently determine their place of work for several days or even weeks. An ergonomic workplace and a fast internet connection are required to ensure good working conditions.

Work Anywhere - Stay Anywhere: The Alpine Cross Cabin Concept Van

alpine concept car 5"We started thinking about a new form of mobility that offers users both the comfort of a traditional motorhome and an optimized ergonomic space for remote work, whatever the destination. In other words, a seamless transition of functionalities for an ideal work-life balance... - hence the name Cross Cabin,” says Steve Crawford, Director Alpine Brand Business Division.

For the furnishing concept, we have oriented ourselves to the Japanese concepts of minimalism and aesthetics through order: objects are quickly to hand when needed, but also safely stowed away (or even hidden) when they are not needed. This ensures a harmonious, tidy interior design that is both professional and relaxing at the same time. The revolutionary interior design consists of acoustic panels that flow into a face-to-face seat, among other things.

The sense of minimalism and functionality is complemented by Japanese tatami mat flooring. The hidden integration of sleeping places, state-of-the-art sound systems and indirect, atmospheric LED lighting define a new standard in van interior design. In addition, the Cross Cabin Van is equipped with high-quality solar cells, batteries and additional solutions to enable off-grid work under normal working conditions for up to 3 days. A 6.70 m long Ford Transit was selected as the vehicle basis and transformed into a completely new Workcation vehicle.

Alpine Cross Cabin - kitchen segment

alpine concept car 14An innovative LED lighting concept brings any atmosphere that the user desires into the interior. The energy management was implemented by the company KLATrucks, a MASTERVOLT Premium Partner.

The Mastervolt system is a sophisticated system that was specially designed to meet customer requirements. It includes a generously designed sine wave inverter (3,500 W), combined with a solar charger, solar cells and two lithium batteries, each 460 Ah with a total output of 12,000 Wh.

This allows the use of standard household devices on 230 V sockets, but also the use of a ceramic hob in the kitchen. There is also a DC-DC charger that charges the body batteries with 50 A while driving. The control and monitoring of consumers is managed via an Arvikon interface, which can be operated entirely from the driver's seat with the retrofitted Alpine iLX-F115D.

Working in the Cross Cabin Van

alpine concept car 13The core element of the Cross Cabin is the "Smart Table": Hidden in the floor when not in use, the table can be folded up and rotated to serve either as a large desk or as a long dining or conference table.

The tabletop can be opened to reveal a 32-inch monitor and an integrated full-size keyboard that enables professional working when connecting a laptop. If you want to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the fresh air while working, you can pull out the terrace with the "Smart Table" to the back.

Working on the go requires a fast and stable mobile internet connection: The Alpine Cross Cabin Concept-Van has the high-speed mobile router "Alpine x alphatronics STREAM" 4G/LTE with external antennas, which enables perfect video conferences in HD quality, video streaming and cloud-based work allows. The vehicle cabin is soundproofed to ensure undisturbed video conferencing in busy places or in heavy rain.

Sound, entertainment & driver assistance systems

alpine concept car 6The Alpine Adventure multi-zone sound system uses four ultra-slim Alpine Adventure Audio APS Line Array speaker panels that are perfectly integrated into the wooden wall panelling. This system consists of a special Alpine multi-channel DSP amplifier and two powerful, hidden Alpine subwoofers for optimum sound throughout the motorhome. The sound concept enables individual settings for both the work and living areas and includes settings for video conferences and music enjoyment.

The APS line array loudspeakers are perfect for use in mobile homes and recreational vehicles due to their slim and light design and high-quality sound. The latest Alpine motorhome navigation and sound systems are integrated in the driver's area, which ensure reliable navigation and excellent entertainment during long journeys.

With Alpine's all-new 360-degree camera system and virtual bird's-eye view, Cross Cabin Van drivers can safely manoeuvre the vehicle while traveling and parking. This innovative camera system completely eliminates blind spots and greatly reduces the risk of accidents. With Alpine's new e-Mirror system, you can see what's happening behind the vehicle just like in a car: the system, which acts like an ordinary rear-view mirror on the windshield, uses a high-resolution display and a reversing camera to give the driver a wide-angle rear view make possible.


alpine concept car 8Throughout 2023, Alpine will be exhibiting the Cross Cabin Van at selected trade shows and venues in Germany and other countries to gather further feedback on the concept and the technology used. The feedback from our customers will feed into the next generation of our mobility solutions and technologies that we will bring to the market in the future.

Alps Alpine Europe GmbH is a leading manufacturer of electronic components and infotainment systems for automobiles and operates 110 branches in 26 countries and regions, supplying around 40,000 different products and solutions to around 2,000 companies worldwide.

The Alpine brand division is a leader in in-vehicle navigation, entertainment and communications and has shifted its focus to the motorhome industry in Europe. Alpine offers premium aftermarket navigation and sound systems for all major RV and recreational vehicles and works as an original equipment manufacturer for many leading RV manufacturers.

Perspective for everyone looking for mobility solutions

We will try to stay on the ball here, since many of our ideas for linking mobility and professional life have already been implemented here. The flexibility to completely hide the work area makes it interesting. We are looking forward to seeing the next ideas being implemented, and we are happy to share our previous experience and the resulting ideas.

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