Buffalos at Lake Kerkini - try the yoghurt of the buffalos

Buffalos at Lake Kerkini - try the yoghurt of the buffalos

When human beings intervenes in nature, the result does not necessarily have to be disappointing. Kerkini Lake in Northern Greece is a wonderful example for this.


While the interior of the country is dominated by the majestic river Strymonas, to which Serres owes its fertile soil and its scenic beauty, another arm of the river leads to Lake Kerkini.


Lake Kerkini is an artificial lake that was created in 1932 from a dam project and by the time has transformed the environment into a true paradise of nature, reflecting the beauty of Macedonia.


Today, with its diverse vegetation, it is one of the most important wetlands in Greece, protected by the European Natura 2000 program and in 2010 received the EDEN award for being an outstanding European destination, home to more than 300 species of birds, numerous mammals, reptiles and amphibians.


Enjoy the pleasures of ecotourism at Kerkini Lake. A sanctuary for birds and humans alike, the tranquil lake is ideal for bird watching and boating. On the shore visitors can make great bike rides and hikes.


More than 30 species of freshwater fish live in the lake, which is covered with water lilies, visitors can observe cormorants and pelicans, flamingos, peregrine falcons or water buffalo from the observation posts equipped with binoculars.


On the shores of the lake, by the way, the largest water buffalo herds of Greece are kept, which today, sufficiently marketed touristy, are also used for special dishes of the region. Even though the breed was threatened with extinction, these gentle giants today live by the lake again and wade through the water. Try the buffalo milk yoghurt and the caramelized, sweet Kazan dipi, a regional specialty.

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