Back to the roots - camping trend back to the origin?

Back to the roots - camping trend back to the origin?

As already reported, we had a few hours of research at the Hamburg fair “oohh! Die FreizeitWelten”, which actually and strictly combines six special trade fairs for emotional leisure activities out-of-home:

REISEN HAMBURG, RAD HAMBURG, CARAVANING HAMBURG, KREUZFAHRTWELT HAMBURG, FOTOHAVEN HAMBURG and AUTOTAGE HAMBURG. These fairs complement each other perfectly and can all be visited with just one ticket! Actually, we are not fans of cruises and the car days were not really attractive to us, please accept. FOTOHAVEN HAMBURG is more interesting for us. Our interest was clearly focused on the areas of RAD- and CARAVANING HAMBURG.

Strikingly the same, the bigger part that was being used this time for the van and friends of the van vehicles. Whether professional or layman in self-construction, new standards are set here. Less luxury and chic, more practicality is required. It is not surprising that the caravans also show attractive alternatives to previous perfectionism.

More than just spending the night in a droplet of caravans

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_camper-und-touren_IMG_20200208_143820.jpgClassic camping actually means to reduce the comfort on vacation to a minimum? But should it actually go back to the tarpaulin tent? It doesn't have to be that way! Here the teardrop-shaped caravan has a completely new meaning - and for good reason. If you love spending the night in a tent, but are starting to miss that certain luxury or, conversely, would like to return to the original camping, you will find your new travel companion in the droplet-style caravan. Whether die-hard caravan fans or beginners into the mobile holiday world, more and more enthusiastic road-trippers swear by the newly discovered retro design. Easy to manoeuvre and compact, the drop camper offers everything a holidaymaker's heart desires.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_camper-und-touren_IMG_20200208_175709.jpgIn addition to the permanent campers, who transport almost the entire household to the campsite in the summer months, many other campers always wanted to be equipped perfectly. Nothing should be missing at the campsite. From the fruit basket to the garden gnome, everything has been packed. Meanwhile, this whole packing is too much for many. Long time-consuming preparation and constant delivery and removal is annoying. You are increasingly looking for a smaller caravan with which you can start off spontaneously and easily. Apart from the weight saving and thus the lower fuel consumption on long journeys, a drop caravan can be easily maneuvered and there is still enough space even in the smallest of spaces. If the design is also appealing, what more could you want.

A discovery from Iceland - the modern drop caravan

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_camper-und-touren_IMG_20200208_175741.jpgMost of the camper life with a drop caravan takes place outside. A large flap can be opened in the rear, underneath is the outdoor kitchen. It usually contains a 12-volt refrigerator, a stove with two gas burners, drawers for dishes and food and a sink with a water circulation system that has to be operated manually. As far, known from many models.

However, if the successful design is already tempting, and just getting started with the bull's-eye window is enough, interest is aroused. A cozy bunk, which allows a view of the starry sky due to the transparent cover, takes some getting used to for claustrophobic people. In fact, the rear kitchen is a dream. Cleanly processed materials, neatly tidy and a perfect fit, successful colour selection. Immediately recognizable that designers were at work here. We really liked the vehicle.

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