LAROMA TRAVEL - sleeping systems for campers

LAROMA TRAVEL - sleeping systems for campers

For years, LAROMA has been producing healthy and back-friendly sleeping systems, which are specially manufactured and adjusted to the needs of users. The LAROMA slogan: "To offer you the right sleeping pad is our goal."

For 20 years, LAROMA GmbH has been developing high-quality and dimensionally accurate sleeping systems that can deliver what they promise. Available for caravans or motor homes. We were at the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf at the booth of LAROMA, could convince ourselves a little (of course without long-term sleep) of the quality of the products. Thus, a sleeping system from LAROMA will soon be available for our project vehicle Fendt Saphir Scand for a longer testing phase. We will also report about it in detail.

In order to achieve this goal in mobile use, such as on boats or in motor homes and caravans, the company LAROMA TRAVEL was founded in early 2015, where tailor-made mattresses are manufactured to fit the individual, physical conditions of the customers for campers, caravans and boats.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_firmen_IMG_20180901_100127.jpgComfort on the way! Innovative mattresses Do not give up on healthy sleep even when traveling. LAROMA TRAVEL offers mattresses specially developed for mobile use, which are unique in the field of boat and caravan mattresses and ensure a healthy and restful sleep.

Coupled with innovative cover materials, the LAROMA TRAVEL products offer unique advantages. Innovative solutions also for seat cushions and sleeping cushions with all-round installed 3D spacer knits for maximum ventilation properties, according to your ideas and dimensions. Make your vehicle or boat a pleasure to travel!

Mattress components for caravans and campers

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_firmen_LAROMA-Travel_Aufbau.jpgDifferent zones in the mattress core ensure the storage of your spine in its natural form. Usable comfort pads improve the pressure distribution and are free to choose according to your needs and requirements. We will gladly show you the components of a LAROMA TRAVEL mattress on site (see Directions link on google maps) or during relevant fairs.

By the way, we make your mattresses and upholstery perfectly tailored to any size and shape imaginable. For this you can easily order the LAROMA TRAVEL stencil set, which contains all the materials and information needed to make a stencil. As kind of alternative, you can meet with us in Schleswig:

Laroma Travel - The special travel offer given by Laroma

Meet with us together with your motor home or caravan for 2 nights in Schleswig on our premises and we take your required mattress dimensions and enter them into our production immediately. You use the day for an excursion by bike or on foot along the Schlei bay. You save doing your own measures, avoid unnecessary sources of error and can spend the night on the new mattress already. You want to stay another night, here are two more destinations:

Gottorf Castle in Schleswig is one of the most important secular buildings in Schleswig-Holstein. It has been rebuilt and expanded several times in its more than eight hundred years of history, so that it changed from a medieval castle on a Renaissance fortress to a baroque castle. It was named for the ducal house Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf, from which, among other things, four Swedish kings and several Russian Tsars emerged in the 18th century.

The Viking Museum Haithabu was opened in 1985 in Busdorf near Schleswig. The museum is dedicated to the archeology and history of the settlement Haithabu. The museum is located near the historic settlement site with ramparts, where in 2005 a meaningful open-air museum was created. Since 1900, archaeological excavations have been carried out in the settlement, at the fortifications and on the cemeteries. Between 1979 and 1980, the port area was examined. The most spectacular exhibit is the ship Haithabu 1, which was rebuilt in the ship's shed, and was found in the harbor of Haithabu.

Consequently, LAROMA TRAVEL mattresses are durable quality products with modular and replaceable components. Of course we use only high quality and recyclable materials. All materials used have the Ökotex Standard 100 certificate. The production is still done by hand in many areas.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_firmen_IMG_20180901_100140.jpgThe value for money of LAROMA TRAVEL products is outstanding. This is because we calculate fairly and also sell directly from the manufacturer. We save unnecessary distribution channels that make the product unnecessarily expensive for our customers. So you save on the purchase of LAROMA TRAVEL products and know that you get more for your money.

At LAROMA, performance also means a special service. We do not just want to sell mattresses, we want every customer to get the right sleep system. This works best when we talk directly and not indirectly.

Do not be fooled by "pseudo discounts". Check whether the price-performance ratio of a product considering all aspects is convincing for you.

Comfort pad high-tech foam

4cm high open porous soft high-tech foam with a density of 45kg / m³. Good moisture transport and sleeping climate regulation. High pressure relief and breathability.

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You will find more different different shapes and designs right here!


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