The Balkans under snow - CMT Stuttgart we are here too!

The Balkans under snow - CMT Stuttgart we are here too!

It was partly somewhat adventurous with the new snow, the strong wind, from Thessalonica to far behind Skopje, partly even to Serbia, but we absolutely wanted to reach CMT in Stuttgart.


In contrast to Greece, however, Macedonia and Serbia, seemed to have been much better prepared for the vigorous winter break. There was no chaos like in Thessalonica, nowhere.


Later in the evening we got a really hearty Pjleskavica of 400 grams, deliciously cooked and served on grilled vegetables.


After two more intermediate stops to overnight in Belgrade and Vienna, Stuttgart was reached in the early afternoon, checked-in and set-up in the hotel, so that we were ready to the opening of the fair.


A first tour through Hall 1 took us to the various exhibitors of mobile camping and camper vehicles, almost every wish the inclined customer can meet with today. Whether in the off-road area .....


as guided tour through so far  unknown terrain .......


or rather familiarly in one of the luxuriously equipped mobile homes.


The variety of campers has become so huge that it is almost difficult to make a decision. How well, during the fair, every vehicle can be compared directly with the competitor.


And with all the vehicle types predominantly in white, it also pleases the eye again, when it then meets a colorful patch, as in this decorative example, inviting guests in front of the camper.


How good that there was not only decoration. The two young ladies brought freshly baked yeast bread to taste from.

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