Circular hiking tour above Kalista / Lake Ohrid

Circular hiking tour above Kalista / Lake Ohrid

After some extensive day and multi-day trips along the border with Albania, we at least wanted some shorter trips, which can be seen as a half-day excursion or tours, explore them and report on it.


So we went through an indeed narrow but intact asphalt road up to about 1,600 meters in the resort of Belica, which represented a popular holiday destination still Yugoslavian time, today it seems almost deserted. We were surprised about the quality of cottages and gardens, which we did not expect here.


Here the view from the top of the village. On Lake Ohrid, which came to us repeatedly as a reflecting surface during the circular path to the summit of Kamen, even the clouds were reflected.

Densely forested slopes good for shade, up to a surprising height of altitude, so that even the summer heat is not really affecting the hiking pleasure.


Again, we kept coming across signs, so carefree hiking due to good orientation was possible.


We were amazed to find relatively new wooden signs up here that certainly had been established at the beginning of this season.


Very much evident is the separation of the paths between hikers and mountain bikers, what we already noticed in the Galicica Mountains.

The walk up to the peak of Kamen let us pass unspoiled nature with various flora along the routes. Until now, an untapped paradise for outdoor activists, which apply here to be discovered.


A stream, more refreshing cool spring water, nearly empty in spite of high summer, crossed our tour up to the Kamen peak, which forms the border with Albania.

Probably due to the abundant water the forest covers the ground here partly up to 2,000 meters above sea level.


Looking back on the holiday village Belica and Lake Ohrid.


Finally, the level of Struga and Ohrid lies at our feet, we have reached the summit ridge of Kamen, with its proud 2.257 meters.


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