Mosquitoes and insects - in mobile homes often annoying!

Mosquitoes and insects - in mobile homes often annoying!

According to the vernacular, mosquito’s food research is based on the smell and body temperature of their stinging victims, because mosquitoes are quite particular about their victims.

Essential oils and scented candles are considered a natural insect repellent against the little pests. Especially lemon oil should provide effective protection against mosquitoes. Other oils such as lavender oil, peppermint oil, lemon balm oil or eucalyptus oil should also bring a positive effect against mosquitoes. We had already reported about this topic here.

Many people may still say that there are various insect sprays fortunately, adhesive strips and / or fly swatters to drive away the unpleasant guests. However, most campers rightly say that this kind of hunting for insects should finally be over. And other chemicals that are still in use, better forget rather quickly. Especially since the ingredients do not contribute to the preservation of our environment, natural oils are always preferable. Are there any other possibilities? Of course.

Insect protection in caravans and mobile homes

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_firmen_for_your_caravan_blue-3.jpgWith the caravan, the mobile home and the van on the road again, in this regard it behaves as with the domestic apartment: If doors and windows are always open, it should not be surprising, especially when insects come "to visit" in summer, which then often stay until the evening and then are annoying. Even insect screens and mosquito nets in the motorhome or van do not represent any insurmountable obstacles for various flies and mosquitoes, the insects miraculously manage their way through the smallest gaps, but they help tremendously, at least a large part of the insects are kept "outside". Especially when combined with oils, the screens are closed.

Despite the fact that the installation of mosquito nets on all windows and roof hatches is often standard already, the largest opening in the rolling home often remains unprotected - the entrance door. In modern vehicles, of course, there is also a remedy, so sliding door element or folding door elements are installed, but not always withstand the daily use, at least not if children constantly want in and out. Better leave the front door open?



Well-proven curtain still the best solution to the problem?

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_firmen_for_your_caravan_creme.jpgOnce again we were guests at Toni Zampetas in Thessalonica and had already annoyed us in the morning about numerous mosquito bites that had come through the still open door into the caravan. Especially in the dusk. And despite the knowledge, it had happened once more. Of course, Toni knew advice and referred to the time-tested protection by a curtain. Thus, the door opening for the insects as closed or as an obstacle in their maneuvers, which must be avoided. Although not 100% protection, but still very effective.

Of course, we remembered the sometimes-colorful plastic strips that fluttered disguised as some camper door, too often we had considered this construction and discussed about it. But if it would not help, why do you find them installed in vehicles so often. In many hardware stores, you can find these special curtains that protect against insects. They usually cost no more than 20 euros and can easily be attached.

However, we often did not like the materials and the color scheme, which we also mentioned to Toni. Again, he had an immediate answer, the ideal curtain for caravans and motorhomes or awning, brand new developed and produced in the market and from Greece: Curtina (read more here).

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