Wooden bicycles are "in" - in Thessalonica - we loved too!

Wooden bicycles are

Wood fibers have physico-mechanical properties that are unique as natural raw materials and materials.

This is probably now a common knowledge of each individual, there are many application examples and have already been for centuries. We could enumerate countless wooden elements, but in summary we only highlight a few examples that still do not have a comparably good alternative: a wooden handle, whether for the ax, a hoe or a shovel. These stems are made almost entirely of wood, because the wood fibers absorb the vibrations like no other material and at the same time retain in the original shape.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_griechenland_thessaloniki_holzrad-thessaloniki-1.jpgAt first we looked at the rental bikes on the promenade of Thessalonica like surprised a little, as we were together with our friend "Spitzbubi" on the way to the old town: several wheels made of wood are also available as rental objects for the customers. We were interested and came into conversation with the business owners, who promptly provide us with two wheels to try them.

If you look around in the market of bicycles, you will primarily see bikes made of aluminum or steel. For a corresponding surcharge you get a bike made of carbon. Depending on their appearance and equipment, a number of bicycles are getting admiring glances. With a wooden bicycle, the curious glances and certainly one or the other envious views are sure. After all, not everyone has a wooden bicycle.

Outstanding quality for elasticity and absorption

Quickly, the owners list some of the advantages of wooden structures in bicycle construction, which can also be convinced. After all, we are also technically adept enough to judge the properties of certain woods in professional use. For example, ash-tree frames were used here for the frame structures, which of course are known to us from ax handles in their outstanding quality for elasticity, absorption and low tendency to fatigue.

Absorption and bending stability on uneven surfaces

No other material is as good as wood to quell unfavorable road conditions: cobblestones, poor road conditions, potholes, ... The traction of each pedal step is transmitted more directly to the road without the setbacks caused by the poor flooring.

Fatigue of the frame

The wood fibers also behave uniquely in this context, because the molecular structure inhibits the storage of the stress (no memory effect). Consequently, one can enjoy a perfect condition of the wooden bicycle for many years.

Lightness of the wheels

The wooden frames of wooden wheels combine strength, toughness and lightness with attractiveness. The road bike frame made of wood weigh between 1600g and 2300g depending on the type of wood and bike size. Nevertheless, this is a raw material of natural origin, which has the same dimensions only slight differences in weight.

If wood, like no other alternative, gives us all these qualities, why do not we use it more for what we really can and love - the bicycle?

Eco-bike Coco-Mat from Athens, our test bikes in Thessalonica

At the wheel show "Berliner Fahrradshow" a product of the Greek eco-label manufacturer Coco-Mat was shown for the first time. No, it was not a recumbent. Instead, the bed company, which operates nine furniture stores in Germany, presented an all-round woody all-round vehicle for everyday use. Saddle, handlebar, fenders, luggage rack - all made of ash-tree. The idea appeared from the boss Paul Evmorfidis, who lives in Amsterdam and likes to cycle. With his creation, he is in a growing society: Bicycle builders are on the track all over the world. 200 years after the inventor Karl Drais from Baden invented the wheel in the form of a wooden impeller, the raw material is in demand again for quite different reasons, environmental awareness is just one of them.

Otherwise, bicycle builders today mainly use bamboo. One of the European pioneers here is Tobias Meyer from Bremen, who already made his debut model for his brand Faserwerk in 2009. "When I was at a trade fair for the first time, they asked, 'Does that last?' And some joked: 'It'll burn well.'" In the meantime, acceptance for natural substances has grown. "But of course that's still a niche."
We were more than satisfied after our test drive, no question. And the views at us, on the way, did well too!
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