Lilac - not just gorgeous flowers and scents?

Lilac - not just gorgeous flowers and scents?

When the temperatures slowly rise, the bushes and trees turn green again, it does not take much longer for the lilac to flower again.

Depending on the region what varies in time, up to 25 species of lilac, which are known so far, start flowering, all of which belong to the genus of the olive family (Oleaceae). Lilac bushes, as ornamental shrubs or even planted as small trees, are now widely used because of their fragrance and their splendid flowers, but their origin lies in Asia and Southeastern Europe.

In often showy, differently constructed inflorescences many uncountable flowers are gathered. The flowering period of most species and varieties extends from May to June. The flowers of the lilac species and varieties appear in many colors from dark purple, from violet-red to yellow or white and usually spread a strong, often even beguiling fragrance.

Lilac flower syrup with lemon - preparation for the time of infections

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_leben_flora_flieder-1.jpgAs a healthy hot drink, especially to ward off colds, the juice of the lilac flowers, which can also be boiled as a syrup. In preparation, the cleaned lilac blossoms are removed from the stems and poured into a pot. The lemons are washed, sliced and added to the flowers and boiled with water. Then dissolve the sugar in the water while stirring and allow to cool. Now add citric acid as long as the sugar water is still lukewarm. Pour over the flower-lemon mixture and stir.

Cover for 5 days and allow to cool and stir daily. Strain and fill into small vials. In the refrigerator only about 4 weeks. Depending on the flower color and the syrup is colored differently. Boiling and bottling will increase the shelf life, but the color will fade.

Lilac jelly - enjoy lilac for breakfast already

Again, the lilac blossoms will be peeled off the flowering shoots and put in a pot of water. Be careful when heating, because the flowers should not cook! Often, the taste is strangely earthy and is therefore no longer appetizing. But tastes are different. To preserve the true taste of flowers and the smell, the mixture is still placed in a bowl without sugar and placed in the refrigerator or another cool place for at least 8 hours.

Then strain the mixture through a cloth in a sieve, then pour into a saucepan, add the gelling sugar and bring to the boil while stirring. Then cook with bubbly stirring for 5 minutes and immediately pour into clean glasses.

Both delicacies, the syrup and the jelly can be made quickly and easily yourself and certainly you also know locations of lilac bushes that bloom magnificently away from heavy traffic. Maybe even in your own garden?

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