Kavala - once a major trading center for tobacco

Kavala - once a major trading center for tobacco

After the Greek-Turkish War in 1922, Greek settlers from Asia Minor also settled in Kavala and established villages in the area where the settlers started cultivating tobacco. By processing and shipping the tobacco, Kavala gained a certain international importance.

The town hall (Dimarchio, near Kipos Iroon Park) has also become one of Kavala's landmarks due to tobacco cultivation. The very interesting building was built by a Hungarian tobacconist and recreates the miniature version of a Hungarian castle. Since 1937, however, the building houses the town hall of Kavala. The small park in front of it is an idyllic place to relax in one of the cafeteria below the big trees. In the immediate vicinity there is also the Tobacco Museum (Philippou Odos Str).

Just some ferries leave the port of Kavala anymore

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_griechenland_kavala_kavala-kirche.jpgAnother landmark building was built around the first decade of the 20th century as a tobacco warehouse by a Turkish tobacconist. It is a stylish building combining Ottoman architecture with neoclassical elements. It was renovated a few years ago and now houses various events and exhibitions, e.g. the Maritime Museum of Kavala. The entrance to the museum is free.

The port Kavala below the old town is no not used as a port of loading since 2002, just as a mooring for fishing boats, motor and sailing yachts and for the ferries to and from Thasos, Lemnos, Lesbos, Agios Efstratios, etc. The connection to Samothraki was set. Today it is the central point of contact for leisure, trade, business and tourism activities. At the port there is a large parking lot, where motor homes are allowed too. This car park is the best starting point for sightseeing for motorized visitors. Here are some good restaurants and bars, which are well attended both at noon and in the evening.

Platia Elefterias is the main square in Kavala 

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_griechenland_kavala_kavala-1.JPGThe Agios Nikolaos Church with the mosaic of the Apostle Paul (Kontouriotou Str.) is just a few meters from the harbor on the way to the aqueduct. Worth seeing is also the interior of the church. Around the church there is an old, a bit run-down area with many cafes, Ouzerias, the traditional pubs where Ouzo is drunk with "mese" (tapas, small food supplements), some restaurants and small shops. Especially on the summer evenings, it is a very attractive place to enjoy a cold beer and watch the Mediterranean life.

The Panagia church in the old town is especially worth seeing because of its beautiful location. From the forecourt of the church you have a good view of the island of Thassos. Opposite the church is a pub with a terrace, from where you have a wonderful view to the harbor. It is worthwhile to relax with a cold drink from the somewhat exhausting tour through the hilly old town.

The Platia Elefterias is the main square in Kavala, located directly at the harbor. On the right is the old St. Nicholas quarter with its bars, restaurants, small shops, etc. The district gives an impression of how the city looked many decades before the construction boom changed its face. To the left of the square is a modern shopping district with many small shops and even more cafés. In front of the "National Bank" is the station of the Trainakis, a public transport that looks like a train and goes into the old town. Recommended for those who are less well on foot to hike the hill of the old town. Next to the bank is the Tourist Information Center, which offers friendly help and free maps.

Along the harbor leads the promenade, which is a highlight of Kavala with its picturesque fishing boats, yachts, restaurants, pubs and cafes. There is a lot of activity here until late at night, especially in the summer. On Saturday morning, at the end of the promenade, there will be an interesting market (bazaar) with fruit, clothes and much more. Here you find the Archaeological Museum too, which does not offer any attractions of the first order, but nevertheless worth a visit. Sit in one of the many cafes along the promenade in the summer to enjoy the view across the harbor and the old town. Especially at night, the promenade is a good place to drink a cold beer and to see and be seen.

High above Kavala you can see a huge white cross

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_griechenland_kavala_kavala-aqueduct-1.JPGAt the eastern end of the town is still a very romantic little fishing port (called "Sfagia"), which you should definitely visit. It is surrounded by good restaurants with tables, right on the waterfront. Especially for dinner, a visit is recommended and a romantic experience it might be too. Right to the harbor the eastern city beach begins.

High above Kavala you can see a huge white cross from everywhere in the city. From the cross you have a fantastic view across Kavala and the coast, the Pangaion mountain and the delta of the river Nestos. Although the viewpoint can only be reached on muddy roads and it is not signposted, it is worth driving there, especially in the late afternoon, when the sun is not burning so hot anymore. From the center of Kavala head towards Drama and turn right opposite the Ag monastery. Silas at the bus stop just before the motorway exit for Xanthi turn right and follow the paved road for 1½ km. Just before the paved road ends, turn left and after about 100 m you will reach a small church and a hut with parking and barbecue (signposted FOK). From here you can make a nice 2½ km long walk to the cross. It is also possible to drive by car, but the road is unpaved and you have to drive carefully if you do not have a four-wheel vehicle.

The Monastery of Agios Silas is dedicated to the Apostle Silas, who accompanied the apostle Paul on his journey to Philippi. Here a small church was built in 1937, at the place where Paul and his companions Silas, Timothy and Luke rested according to Christian tradition on their way to Philippi. The monastery is quite photogenic and you have a nice view across Kavala.

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