Caravanning Festival Warsaw and the Big Five family

Caravanning Festival Warsaw and the Big Five family

As the name of the camper fair in Warsaw suggests, the wide range of camping vehicles and the associated equipment should no longer be the sole focus here.

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The organizers also want to offer the campers themselves scope for "camping" for the new season and for leisure activities, to which the appropriate location at the horse racing bar with its trees in the avenue character and the huge green areas contribute optimally.

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So it's no wonder that a little later we get to know the so-called "Big Five family", which consists of Kasia, Robert, Leon, Tymon and Tytus and is probably one of the "slightly crazy" families on a world trip in a mobile home.

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They write about themselves as follows: We chase after the sun, meet people who are looking for nature and freedom, often overstep our own limits and delight our friends with pictures from our colourful everyday life.

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Our story is simple. In 2020 we parted with house, car, motorbike, furniture and many accumulated things in order to be able to go on a trip around the world without unnecessary luggage.

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We travelled in a camper van and now also in a fire truck that has been converted into a camper van. We visit new countries, learn about new cultures, make new friends and live a simple life on top of that.

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For us, every day is something special. Although we live simply, we put a lot of humour in everything and, like children, we rejoice at what fate brings us. We try to depict everyday life without any particular colour scheme, because our lives are colourful enough.

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