Caravanning Warsaw Festival - A new format

Caravanning Warsaw Festival - A new format

May, with its first truly sunny days, is the perfect time to start the caravanning events season and meet industry representatives, rally travel planners and caravanning enthusiasts in search of new equipment and inspiration.

If the meeting point then also takes place in the park-like surroundings of Warsaw's racecourse, a successful event is almost guaranteed. So we also made our way to Warsaw to actively participate in the Caravanning Warsaw Festival.

Background and how to get to the fair in a Toyota Hilux

warschau pferde 5To support the launch, we had received a special order from the Turkish company Temsa, who asked us to present their latest product in the form of a camper for pick-up vehicles at the Warsaw Fair and to do an analysis of the Polish camping market as well of prospective buyers to create. For this purpose, we were given a Toyota Hilux with the "Stork Camper" mobile home, which was to be presented at the camping fair. We were already familiar with both parts of the trade fair presentation from previous trade fairs in Germany, so that no major preparation was required.

warschau pferde 9The journey of about 820 kilometres to the fair with a pick-up vehicle was quite exhausting and unusual, so we were glad to have booked our accommodation in advance. Unfortunately, upon arrival, it turned out that there were no parking spaces for such large vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the accommodation, so we had to switch to a guarded parking lot nearby. The result was a nocturnal walk through previously unknown “territory” back to the accommodation. Difficult, since the navigation also repeatedly showed dropouts. When we reached the accommodation, which by the way left nothing to be desired, the journey was complete.

Trade fair presentation and first encounters at the racecourse

warschau pferde 8The next day we picked up the pick-up from the parking lot and drove to the exhibition center at the racecourse. Two endless lanes, three grandstands, a tunnel connecting the paddock with the tack room and the breeding area, as well as several hundred horses that have their permanent home here - all surrounded by the beautiful green of the park-like landscape, plus a wide ring road, our current campers Zone that was divided for exhibitors and guest campers. The vehicle was quickly set up and the living quarters prepared so that there was time to explore the surrounding area. Of course, the first way led to the racetrack, where the preparations for the race weekend were already being worked on, because races take place from April to November, including this weekend.

warschau pferde 6If you are a horse racing enthusiast and want to experience real emotions, choose one of the most important races such as the Derby, which takes place on the first Sunday in July, the Arabian Day or the Autumn Race, based on the traditions of the 19th-century "Great Warsaw". falls back. The results of these races often decide the award of the prestigious title of Horse of the Year at the end of the season. Or join the crowd of bettors who can watch the horses on the field before the start, write down the number and name of your favourite and then… risk it and bet! The most important races are accompanied by the competition for the best outfit or the most interesting hat. Remember that the VIP box has its own dress code. If you want to start with your own creation, you should definitely remember that the competition is as "hot" as the jockeys and the horses on the track. And don't forget to bring binoculars.

We are looking forward to the weekend and there will certainly be the opportunity to get a little closer to equestrian sport from time to time.

Exciting races and great competition from visitors

warschau pferde 1The grandstands were already filled with numerous visitors early on Saturday morning and the horse enthusiasts were clearly distinguishable from the campers who were also present. It's just another world that appeared here. You watched the horses and their jockeys, talked shop about chances of winning or losing and at the same time enjoyed the glorious sunshine with sparkling wine and small delicacies. And right, because as already thought, the competitive pressure of the visitors in terms of clothing and demeanour was so impressive, not to mention the euphoria of the bettors shortly after the horses left the starting box. The closer we got to the finish line, the louder the otherwise so quiet, chatting crowd got. The behaviour caused by the betting events is exciting and deeply impressive. Can everyone actually afford such behaviour?

First encounter with the permanent camper WEISSER WOLF

warschau pferde 2As soon as the fair gates opened, there was already the first impressive encounter with a Polish traveller who "outed himself" as a lover of extreme travel and discovering the world by motorcycle, White Wolf. Founder of the motorcycle group, aimed at motorcycle enthusiasts in general. The initiator of a cycle of motorcycle tours around the world in winter - Śniegiem po polsku and the creator of a popular blog. An adventurer from Tychy. He is the first motorcyclist in the world who, from Poland, reached the smallest city in the world – Yakutsk – on a motorcycle alone in winter, covering a distance of 11,300 km at a temperature below -50 degrees Celsius, known in the industry world as the The biggest and most extreme achievement was: "For successfully adapting myself and my equipment to the extreme temperatures and conditions of the Siberian winter," the white wolf had received a number of awards.

warschau pferde 4And he told us about his further planned tours, which understandably also led to the question of support. An interesting thought, especially with regard to the marketing of the mobile home. We will stay in contact.

The time passed quickly and we should go back to the accommodation, although walking is the wrong term. The subway was initially considered, but when asked by passers-by, it quickly became clear that the tram is the better solution here.

warschau pferde 10By the way, there is a 72-hour ticket that is valid for the subway, tram and buses in the district and at 36 zloty (8 euros) is probably the cheapest way to explore Warsaw. We used the ticket extensive.

More Reports will follow.

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