Born during crisis - in-house Camping exhibition

Born during crisis - in-house Camping exhibition

Many paths lead to effective marketing goals, especially in very special times, such as the corona pandemic, creativity is once again particularly required in all the companies concerned. We are guests of GentleTent in Vienna.


Basically, born out of necessity (failure of the important camping fairs), GentleTent now even has very positive experiences and successes that are worth copying.


Initially started as a test balloon, the on-site sale is definitely an alternative to the relevant camping fairs, even if the number of interested parties is of course not comparable to the number of visitors to a fair.


If you are lucky enough to have a really nice location, then just something positive can actually arise. The visitors love the rural idyll of a farm, which you can hardly expect in the shape of Vienna.


There are tents, roof tents and awnings on the meadow between fruit trees, plant beds and an almost perfect idyll in the middle of the big city.


In the meantime, the concept has also got around at some partner manufacturers, so that it is no longer a pure tent exhibition. The picture shows the HNF UD3 as a practical urban e-bike or smooth-running trekking bike - which offers maximum power and range with the latest Bosch drive technology with a large 625 Wh battery.


Another guest of the kitchen manufacturer EGOE from the Czech Republic, which offers compact kitchens for campers, which can be placed in the rear of the vehicles, so that cooking can be done using the telescopic pull-outs under the tailgate and an on-top sleeping and lying area is offered next to the kitchen .


The inflatable tents from GentleTent are now well known far beyond the borders of Europe, the network of rental stations of the BTurtle is growing continuously, to which of course the media presence (“Simply brilliant”, Galileo) has given a strong contribution.


Of course, whether the concept of farmyard sales should continue to be used mostly depends on the course of the further corona pandemic. In any case, it shows once again that creativity can contribute to success even in difficult times.

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