Farma Sotira - practical Kitchenbox in use in Albania

Farma Sotira - practical Kitchenbox 1.0 in use in Albania

As already reported, we met Hannes and Sascha during the meeting of the roof tent nomads in Oldendorf near Hanover for the first time, where they were able to impressively present their compact kitchens. A little later, we visited their workshops in Lungötz in Austria and meanwhile we use one of their compact kitchens, the Kitchenbox 1.0, during our excursions as part of the project work "Migration and Travelling along Roman roads" with growing enthusiasm, whenever the opportunity arises.

 So we were coming from Greece / Bourazani in the Pindos Mountains passing the small border crossing to Albania, which is usually on service during the day only, had made a small first exploration to a mountain lake on the way towards Korça, a small town on the way to Pogradec, incidentally the birthplace of Albanian literature and therefore often referred to as the "cradle of Albanian culture". The city architecture with its Ottoman and French influences, the wide, tree-lined boulevards and lush parks as well as the city markets, monuments, mosques and churches (Byzantine to Ottoman period) makes Korça a rarity in Albania. We will still report about it.

Compact kitchen "Kitchenbox 1.0 in Albania

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_roemer_strassen_farma-sortira-224.jpgIn the late afternoon we arrived at the Farma Sotira, a campsite located far away from any tourist trips, where we wanted to make a stopover. The roof tent was set up quickly, our compact kitchen was fixed, which once again convinced us in a quick setup and always attracts the curious eyes of the other campers.

Compact dimensions make it very easy to accommodate the kitchen box in the car, which receives the necessary dishes next to the hob and the sink, so that no extra box needs to be packed. Of course, as a camper you always pay attention to weight and packing dimensions, so we like to use foldable devices, as well as the already described kettle. For the cutlery, a drawer is installed, next to and below not only space for the two-burner stove, also the dinnerware with pan and pots goes into it.

Now at CMT Fair in Stuttgart - at the Booth 1G76 in Hall 1

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_firmen_kuechenbox-3.jpgOnce lifted out of the vehicle, by the way easy to handle due to the handles, it is necessary to rotate the box by 90 ° degrees upwards, to turn two support handles below the box to maintain the working height. On uneven terrain is then ensured by the rotatable feet for secure stability. The next step is to open the upper frame to the left and right to get the place for the cooker or sink. All frame parts are made of high quality aluminum profiles and provided with safe rotating elements, which do not need to be additionally screwed. Thus, no tool is needed during construction and dismantling. Thus, the kitchen is available for use, so really just a few steps are needed.

According to requirements - compact kitchens "Kitchenbox" for every requirement

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_firmen_kuechenbox-4.jpgThere is a variety of different size kitchen boxes, which can be selected according to your own needs and are equipped accordingly. The "Kitchenbox 1.0" version, which was completely adequate for our needs, contains a two-burner hob with holder for small gas cylinders, a sink for dishwashing and plenty of space for the preparation of food and drinks.

We can enjoy our beloved filter coffee after just a few minutes.



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