For mobile working too - Alpine Cross Cabin Signature

For mobile working also - Alpine Cross Cabin Signature

During the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, we also became aware of the Alpine Cross Cabin, which, similar to the Fendt Caravan concepts, also pursues the goals of mobile working, but based on a panel van with a really modern design.

Here at the CMT in Stuttgart we were now able to take a look at the current version of the Alpine Cross Cabin “Signature”, which boasted its lightweight automotive construction, its safety aspects, its workplace equipment and its space efficiency.

Mobile work in a camper and/or home office

alpine cross cabin signature 01Mobile work is often confused with home office. However, there is a crucial difference between the two terms: mobile work can take place from anywhere, home office means that you are at home. The prerequisite for mobile work is basically just accessibility, which is undoubtedly achieved with the integrated components in the Alpine Cross Cabin “Signature”, while for working from home it is also mandatory to set up a study in your own apartment. Of course, you also have to own an appropriate vehicle. Mobile working has a number of advantages for a growing number of affected employees and freelancers. But employers can also benefit from this type of employment. You should think in advance whether you prefer mobile work or a home office for your employees to work remotely. Because there are differences when it comes to expenses. Setting up an entire home office usually costs more than simply providing a laptop for a mobile workstation. Providing a vehicle will rarely be an option for the employer.

alpine cross cabin signature 03Of course, data protection plays just as important a role on the go as it does when work in the office. This means that all computer systems must meet data protection requirements. This could be more of a problem with mobile working if public places such as cafés become workplaces. Here too, your own vehicle with internet access and your own administration also offers security. If digitalization is seen as an opportunity within your own company, employee satisfaction will also increase at the same time. Many HR managers therefore bind their team more closely to the company through location-independent work options. This is then beneficial for both sides. But now back to the vehicle.

Work professionally and enjoy more freedom at the same time

alpine cross cabin signature 04The Alpine slogan from the accompanying brochure is: The Alpine Cross Cabin Signature embodies a new vehicle concept in which a perfectly equipped “mobile office” is aesthetically combined with a high-quality and comfortable motorhome. This makes it ideal for everyone who has been able to work from home or in a mobile office since Corona at the latest and would like to move their everyday work to an inspiring location.

With the Alpine Cross Cabin Signature you can experience a completely new type of work-life balance: work with concentration and motivation in your favorite places and seamlessly transition into vacation mode after work. Combined with your regular vacation, your work session can be expanded into an even more intensive experience. Enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere. With the Cross Cabin Signature you can work and relax independently for several days.”

Alpine Cross Cabin Signature: Lightweight made of aluminium

alpine cross cabin signature 07Using the NEXSD ONE as the base chassis with its aluminium frame for the Alpine Cross Cabin Signature offers customers a long list of great benefits: The lightweight construction allows the vehicle weight to remain under 3.5 tonnes, including 2 passengers and standard luggage. Overall comfort and room height are significantly increased by the vertical walls that do not slope towards the roof, allowing for larger upper cabinets. The reinforced frame is made of 3.5 mm thick KTL-coated aluminium and is also a game-changer in terms of road safety, repairability and durability. All furniture is attached directly to the frame.

"With the introduction of the NEXSD ONE, we have created a highly unique vehicle chassis that is perfect for the Alpine Cross Cabin Signature. We are very pleased to be working with Alpine and VanWeekend on this project and supporting many people's mobile working lives," says Helge Dröge, sales manager at NEXSD Automotive Innovations GmbH.

A fascinating 'out-of-office' vehicle

alpine cross cabin signature 08The Alpine Cross Cabin Signature was designed to create a mobile work environment on the go. The conference and dining area in the rear is equipped with a 1.30m long table that has USB, HDMI and power connections. Additionally, a large touchscreen monitor can be used to present files or as a digital whiteboard. The separate PC workstation next to the entrance door has a pull-out 27-inch LCD monitor to which an external laptop can be connected. The Alpine Cross Cabin Signature offers a high-speed 5G mobile router with an external antenna, enabling video calls, streaming and cloud-based work in perfect quality. The vehicle cabin is soundproofed from the outside environment to ensure uninterrupted video conferencing in noisy places or in heavy rain.

Home Sweet Home - Living in the Alpine Cross Cabin Signature

alpine cross cabin signature 09The kitchen area of the Alpine Cross Cabin Signature includes two 800-watt induction hobs, a sink and a 70-liter Dometic refrigerator integrated into the kitchen unit. There are multiple drawers and overhead compartments for kitchen appliances, cutlery and other household items.

The side wall of the bathroom can be pulled out to almost double the size and reveal the hidden, high-quality shower cubicle in marble décor with rain shower and sink. When folded, the bathroom only functions as a toilet, giving users additional space in the entrance area.

Converting the conference and dining area into a full bed for 2 people takes place in seconds: the conference table is pushed down, then the two bench seats slide down and meet in the middle to create a large lying area. There is ample storage space for linens and pillows under and above the bench seating.

The Alpine Cross Cabin Signature also has a diesel auxiliary heater and an electric hot water boiler. The control and monitoring of the electricity and water management is carried out via an 'Arvikon' interface, which can be operated via a large touchscreen or the Alpine Halo11.

Sound, entertainment & driving assistance systems:

alpine cross cabin signature 02The installed sound system uses two extremely flat Alpine Adventure Audio in-cabin speaker panels - perfectly integrated into the wooden wall panelling in the conference area, as well as an Alpine OPTIM8 multi-channel DSP amplifier and a powerful, hidden Alpine subwoofer. Alpine's largest motorhome infotainment system, the Halo 11 including a navigation stick, is also installed. Together with the Adventure Audio sound system for the driver's area, excellent entertainment and navigation is guaranteed during long journeys. With the all-new 360-degree HD camera system and top view technology, drivers can virtually see the Alpine Cross Cabin Signature from above, allowing them to maneuver safely. Customers can even see what's happening behind the vehicle using Alpine's new "Freeview" e-Mirror system. The Alpine Cross Cabin Signature can be ordered from participating VanWeekend dealers throughout Germany from January 2024.

The base price of the vehicle is €229,000.

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