Rabenswald Family Trail - circular trail Hohe Schrecke

Rabenswald Family Trail - circular trail on the Hohe Schrecke

The Rabenswald family trail near the village of Garnbach, which belongs to the municipality of Wiehe, offers beautiful nature and a varied relief as well as a journey through time through the history of the primeval beech forest.

Over a length of approx. 6 km we hiked on natural paths over a gentle range of hills through the impressive deciduous forest, which mainly consists of beeches.

The path is developed as a nature adventure trail with numerous leisure and adventure elements and also offers enough resting points, in short an adventure trail for the whole family.

So you should plan at least 3 hours with breaks.

The adventure stations give children the chance to get closer to nature with all their senses.

There is a lot to discover for both children and adults.

With great attention to detail, various climbing and play elements were built into the hike, which never leaves boredom.

A green classroom can be used for an impromptu lesson. Sufficient teaching material can be found everywhere.

Contemporary historical topics such as charcoal burning and glassworks are also part of the tour.

Parents and grandparents have the opportunity to go on a journey of discovery with the children.

Unfortunately, due to the natural conditions, the path could not be made barrier-free.

Please just hike with appropriate clothing and sturdy shoes. Especially in damp weather, the flooring is not just slippery on inclines.

On many sections you have the opportunity to bypass wet spots on a wood chip path.

The family path is part of the WWF project Thuringian Primeval Forest Paths and is aimed at all age groups.

Very nice circular route without the hustle and bustle. Many stations for young and old to join in. A special kind of forest experience. Keep it up!

Before or after the hike, you can get some refreshment in the restaurant "To the happy hiker" in Garnbach

Also very recommendable for a short break.

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