Station 35 - Camping Farma Sotira - Hiking in pure nature

Station 35 - Camping Farma Sotira - Hiking in pure nature

Positioned in the middle of the most beautiful natural forests in the South of Albania, Farma Sotira is designed as a traditional farmhouse area to give you the relaxation you need during your vacations or travelling.

Around our farmhouse there is a lot of space below the trees for your mobile home, your caravan or what ever sort of tent you are using. If you prefer to sleep below the shinny stars, we have thought about that too. On one hand side, there is pure nature and the other you will not be far away from civilization as you will have access to electricity, bathrooms, showers, wireless internet and clean water.

Camping at Farma Sotira - huge trees are offering shadow

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_camper-route_35-farma-sortira-2.jpgIf you travel with your camper, we have special parking for that. The area is equipped with electric power plugs and clean water. The surroundings are safe due to our security guards.

Experienced backpackers can bring their own equipments to feel like home. Your safety is our priority as the area is protected by guards. Late night conversations around campfire, drinks and dances will remain in your memory for a long time.

For Backpacker newcomers: Check the weather and pack your bags according to the forecast and climate. An extra warm layer for night time outside is always nice. And rain layers can be helpful in case of strong wind or wet weather, even if you aren't expecting storms. Remember to keep sun protection in mind while you are packing since you'll be spending more time outdoors.

Hiking and horse riding in the unspoiled nature at Farma Sotira

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_camper-route_35-farma-sortira-1.jpgWe know you can't resist our organic food, but what about burning some of those calories. We suggest hiking. According to doctors, it is the safest and the healthiest way doing. And in the meantime you can enjoy the beautiful nature around. There are a lot of interesting places around Farma Sotira. Also you can make some photos to update your friends on your social network.

Albanian wild nature is waiting for you to explore it. With a variety of Flora and Fauna, your expedition will turn into a real adventure. Snowy winter, colourful spring or whenever you choose to visit us, nature will impress you. With different trails to follow, you might end up extending your visit.

It's important to know what kind of weather to expect so you can prepare and modify plans accordingly. Before hiking the trail, check the day's weather. Bring enough food and water, it is important to stay hydrated and be prepared for situations that delay your return.

Make sure you have the supplies to deal with major injuries, and make sure you have the knowledge. You can purchase hiker first aid kits at outdoor stores or put together by yourself.

Soon there will be some nice gps track to download and follow.

Some of the different reasons to visit our place :

Tranquility - find your inner peace far away from city traffic.
Eating – enjoy our organic food. Here you can taste some of the most well known traditional dishes.
Price - we care about our clients. We want them to be satisfied without spending too much.
Location - our resort is reachable by bicycle, bike or car.
Snow - if you come here during winter you can see how beautiful trees covered with snow.
Photography - there are a lot of beautiful landscapes in walking distance.
Hiking - walking around the resort you can see the wide variety of animals.

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It is 34 kilometers to the Bourasani camper stop in Greece, which you can reach via the SH75 via the cobblestone road and partly newly paved roads. The border crossing at Bourazani is open only during the day.

Next destination to the north: Hotel Baron in Tirana (Station 9)
It is 230 kilometers to the Camperstop Hotel Baron in Tirana. A stopover in Elbasan with a visit to the ancient city (Roman city gates and remains of the city walls are preserved, interesting bazaar district) is worthwhile. A section of the Tirana - Elbasan motorway has already been completed.

Next arrival points in the east: Station 10 - Camping Rino in Struga on Lake Ohrid / Macedonia
It is 147 kilometers to the Camping Rino in Macedonia, which you can reach via Korca and Pogradec via the SH75 and the SH3.

Farma Sotira

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