Tour through the old town of Dresden

Tour through the old town of Dresden

Downtown. Classic city tour through Dresden's old town with Zwinger, Semperoper, Residenzschloss, Fürstenzug, Stallhof, Neumarkt and Frauenkirche. We crossed the Marienbrücke over the Elbe into Große Meißner Straße in the direction of Neustadt, where we immediately found a parking space.

altstadt dresden

A little later it should turn out that the decision to walk towards the old town. 

die frauenkirche 1

Since the reconstruction, the Frauenkirche has been one of the most important attractions in the city of Dresden. We were deeply impressed by the baroque interior of the Frauenkirche. 

die frauenkirche 2

Despite the destruction that had already taken place in 1945, the remains of the rubble had never been removed, which favored the reconstruction. 

fuerstenzug dresden

The procession of the electors, made from Meissen porcelain tiles, is also a tourist attraction in Dresden.

horse drawn

Tourists love the carriage tour through the old town of Dresden. 

mittagessen in dresden

A street restaurant lured with a delicious lunch in glorious sunshine directly at the Frauenkirche. 

semperoper opernhaus

The other attractions in the old town of Dresden undoubtedly include the Semperoper. 

staatliche akademie

The baroque architecture of the State Academy on the Elbe.

ufer elbe

The walk along the promenade opened up a view of the pleasure boats on the Elbe.

boattour dresden

Watercraft are also available on the Elbe for special boat tours.

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