100 years Schleizer Dreieck - 600 participating racing vehicles

100 years Schleizer Dreieck - 600 participating racing vehicles

The Schleizer Dreieck is a temporary motorsport racetrack in Thuringia near the town of Schleiz.

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It is the oldest street circuit in Germany, is still known for street racing and is used both for historic motorsport and for international competition formats such as the IDM.

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On June 10, 1923, the first race took place on the track that follows the course of the existing road.

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Sporting highlights were the all-German championship run in 1950 with 250,000 spectators and the international Formula 3 races in the 1960s.

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Over the years, the route has been modified several times.

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For example, the hairpin bend in Schleiz was replaced by a shortcut in front of the town in order to smooth out the route with a chicane.

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However, the two southern corners of the course continued to pass through residential areas.

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On August 21, 2004, the Schleizer Dreieck, which was shortened to half its original length, was reopened after the 1.3-kilometer-long "Querspange" west of the Oberböhmsdorf district of Schleiz was completed.

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Today the Schleizer Dreieck is mainly used for motorcycle, sidecar and veteran races as well as for the ADAC mountain race.

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The highlight of the season is the run of the International German Motorcycle Championship (IDM).

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The International German Supermoto Championship was a guest at the Schleizer Dreieck in 2020, with the route leading around the start/finish of the road race track.

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