Almost a family meeting - vintage meeting at Nürburgring

Almost a family meeting - vintage meeting at the Nürburgring

We almost felt transported back to the early seventies and eighties, when it was possible to stroll through the paddock and have a chat with drivers, racing teams or other participants, and you may ask, where was that?

Of course, the motorcycle vintage racing and meeting, which brought many motorcycle owners and racing athletes to the almost familial meeting in the center of the Formula 1 race track of the Nürburgring. Hundreds of vintage motor-bike owners, racing athletes with their racing machines and many fans came to enjoy the day at the Nürburgring while passing through the old paddock.

Just a classic bike racing weekend with the family?

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_rheinland-pfalz_nrburgring-klassiker-1.JPGAnd there they sit and gather together, they talk to each other, screw at their machines or use the break with the family at a picnic on the racetrack - the myth of Nürburgring still captivates thousands. Which of course also contributes to the wide range of such different models of motorcycles, from the classic pure racing type, to the everyday road bike, from the single cylinder NSU to the six-cylinder Honda CBX, from the solo machine to the sidecar.

Just to note the developmental leaps in technology and experience consequences for the road operation in recent years, there is a variety of anecdotes and experiences. How well remembered as a gimbal-powered 95 hp XS 1100 got into the market, with a front suspension, especially the fork was so bad that only fork stabilizers could provide relief. What a difference to modern road machines.

Vintage motorcycles - also an investment?

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_rheinland-pfalz_nrburgring-klassiker-2.JPGThat classic cars can be an alternative to the passbook in the phases of low-interest times, is commonly known. But what about the motorcycle? Is an old BMW or an English pre-war Vincent good for valuing as well as a hobby? Or should it be a classic racing machine?

It is no longer a secret that even old motorcycles can be a lucrative investment, but where does one start and where does one stop? Experts advise investing in motorcycles that have the making of true classics. But what is a classic? A big advantage as an investment of these old motorcycles is that they are no longer manufactured, which is to be noted as a matter of principle. As with all things that are becoming rarer, here too: they increase in value. Experts estimate that the value of machines that are no longer produced will rise to 2.25 times within the next 10 years.

But in the last 10 years, of course, the prices for other motorcycles rose drastically. And this development can also be based on the next 10 years. Experts therefore recommend that it is an opportune moment to invest in the dream machine before prices rise even higher.

Invest in racing or roadworthy motorcycles?

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_rheinland-pfalz_nrburgring-klassik-3.JPGAnyone who thinks that a classic motorcycle just increases its value potential in the garage is wrong. Put simply, vehicles that jump on the first kick always have a higher value than vehicles that only stand, so the answers to our questions as part of the tour of the motorcycle series, because it is clearly visible with the lovers here, too see the value of their pets as an investment, despite their commitment on the racetrack. To ride regularly with the classic and not just to make an exit every two or three years is already a minimum requirement. This is the only way to prevent permanent damage in the long run and thus also the technical condition at a high level.

Is not it wonderful if a hobby to be practiced can also be a value investment at the same time?

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