Spring awakening on the Ahr and Main rivers

Spring awakening on the Ahr and Main

Longer than ever before, is the almost convincing answer from many readers on the topic of winter last year.

The spring that inevitably follows winter can be determined either astronomically, i.e. according to the position of the earth in relation to the sun, or phenologically according to the developmental stage of the plants, or thirdly, meteorologically.

fruehlings erwachen 02If we only deal with the northern hemisphere of our earth, astronomically speaking, spring used to begin on March 20th or 21st, the last time in 2011 on March 21st and now always on March 20th until the year 2048.

After that, the start of the spring will start alternately on March 19 or 20. But does spring know that?

From a phenological point of view, the beginning of spring is much broader, as it begins with the first flowering of regionally different plant species, usually in the months of March, April and May. From this point of view, there is no reason for any complaints at all.

Snowdrop flowers appear

fruehlings erwachen 04Again inappropriate, at least this year, the meteorological spring began in the northern hemisphere in March 1st. This definition was completely arbitrary. Like the three other seasons of summer, autumn and winter, spring lasts exactly 3 months and is determined this way purely for statistical reasons. This is the only way to easily divided the months into "dry", "hot", "cold", etc.

When the first snowdrop flowers appear and the snow slowly disappears, it is called early spring. When the apple blossom starts, full spring is reached. Nature awakens in full bloom with lush green meadows, splendid play of colours of the sprouting leaves on the trees, flowering cherry trees and magnolia and we all speak of spring awakening.

fruehlings erwachen 08What is so important that this is the recurring season of such immense importance for us humans? Of course it's nice when a different play of colours finally appears outside after the grey days of winter, but that alone can't be it. Is it the increasing light intensity that makes us in high mood so that you just feel better and fall into euphoric mood?

Most of the time, this mood goes hand in hand with an increased hormone release, so that the desire for a partnership in spring is proven to be much higher than during the other seasons. Some primeval peoples even have an increased distribution of serotonin and dopamine. From a scientific point of view, these processes are far from being fully researched.

fruehlings erwachen 03The beginning of spring is celebrated extensively in many cultures, so there are spring festivals and spring rites. A large number of public holidays are derived from the date of the start of the spring. The "Nouruz" or "Newroz", the Persian and Kurdish New Year's party, which is often also referred to with spring festival, is celebrated on March 20 or 21, especially in the Iranian cultural area.

When a person experiences "their second spring", one means that someone, often in old age, has fallen in love again. “Hash me, I am spring” describes the behaviour of an older person who suddenly becomes dressed in a youthful manner and their behaviour is conspicuous and ironic. You feel spring feelings when you feel increasingly attracted to other people.

No wonder if poets and poets of spring have also taken care of. We particularly like the following Mehr Zeiler by Heinz Erhardt:

  Spring (by Heinz Erhardt)

fruehlings erwachen 01How wonderful is nature!
You see so many flowers
You can also see sheep in the field
and shepherds to look after them.
A quiet song sounds in the valley:
The tired hiker sings.
A sweet fragrance is everywhere
It just stinks in my room!

Let's just follow his clues and enjoy nature, go out into the landscape and absorb wonderful impressions of a natural play of colours between meadows and forests. It is one of the miracles of our earth with which splendour and abundance awakens to new life after a long winter. Let us enjoy it, no matter what the calendar says.

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