Saicur - a soundtrack against the absurd behaviour

Saicur - a soundtrack against the absurd behavior

SAICUR presents a soundtrack against the absurd behavior of modern people! "For Fun" is a track by a Ukrainian artist with a unique sound.

An interview in a well-known Berlin media, the support of the Ukrainian media, and, most importantly, highlighting the value of everyone's life — with all of this, the SAICUR artist successfully presented herself in show business for the first time. However, we have not had to wait long for a new track from the extraordinary SAICUR. The singer will present the new song "For Fun" in the style of electronics on December 8.

The game of "accusing each other"

1 Saicur For Fun The singer's new single is a soundtrack against the absurd behavior of people, the game of "accusing each other". After all, the modern world suffers from disasters, and people continue to wear masks and constantly look for the guilty around them — and, unfortunately, bullying among young people is only gaining momentum because of this. Empathy and power in music are used as tools to raise awareness and encourage discussion of this serious topic.

"Helping is not my goal, my mission is to revive morality in myself, to distinguish black from white, and to have the courage to stick to the side I have chosen. I can be an example, but I will not tell anyone how to live. I don't think I've learned this myself yet," emphasizes SAICUR.

The mission of modern influencers is not to be in the shadow of problems but to take actions that can preserve life or its quality. After all, every manifestation of negativity towards each other ends with a boomerang effect, and this is exactly what the singer focuses on through her image and the premiere of the track "For Fun". The single promotes awareness of how the negative energy that people give to their surroundings returns to them in the form of life situations and events.

SAICUR, as a representative of new Ukrainian artists, appeared on the music market to dispel stereotypes about "according to the template" music. Ukrainian show business is actively developing currently, and more and more high-quality musical material is appearing, so new sounds are important right now. The artist's music is a denial of all the rules for writing tracks. Her songs have the modern sound of an electronic music artist who breaks all stereotypes. The track "For Fun", like the singer's previous track "Live or Die", is an experiment with high-quality sound.

3 Saicur For Fun 4x5 INSTA1It is an unusual fact, but the artist's tracks have only three or four lines of lyrics, but the sounds and combination of words created by the singer and sound producer Anton Santera have become a full-fledged quality single that, according to SAICUR`s opinion, has the chance of being the soundtrack of a western movie.

Saicur actively works on promotion in the West to expand its audience, in addition to working on the Ukrainian music market. There are certain results after the release of the first track and music video, "Live or Die". Especially the activity of the audience specifically in Germany, which, of course, is an important fact since the popularity of music from Ukrainian artists abroad is nowadays an important tool for attracting attention to the war.

An extraordinary image with a wig, no standards in writing tracks, and uniqueness in outlook show the authenticity of SAICUR, which emphasizes moral values in people's lives.

You can familiarize yourself with the tracks and image of the singer in her social networks and on music platforms by following the link:


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Daiana, PR manager

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