Coziness spreads - the roof tent nomad meeting

Coziness spreads - the roof tent nomad meeting

Inflatable roof tents, the now already well-known B'Turtl and the air-filled armchair of the exhibitor GentleTent invites interested visitors to relax and stay.


A chair is quickly becoming a test object for a whole family accompanied by a dog.


The huge open space around the nightly campfire, here called blogger camp, almost seems like a market place: people meet, relax and talk while sitting on long wooden trunks around the fireplaces.


For the late afternoon, a suckling pig is already prepared on the rotisserie, which at least for spread quite pleasant scents non-vegetarians and vegans.


A second suckling pig parallel to it as crust roast - in any case looks quite inviting.


Sitting on straw bales, camping chairs and armchairs which were brought together, again and again, changing roof tent nomads together with their children appeared, talking to each other, exchange ideas and enjoy the rain-free hours at the blogger camp.


In the early evening, another concert with Joe Löhrmann at the piano - my traveling piano - and his two great passions: traveling and music.


Joe to his Passion: As long as I can remember, I was fascinated by the sound of the piano - as well as by the exploration of the world. A few years ago, I fulfilled a long-cherished dream and built my own mobile piano on wheels.


Well, there's nothing I like more than traveling and surprising and inspiring people around the world with my open-air piano music.


Exceptional ideas and motifs "on the way"


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