Let's go - bike caravan tour in Luckenau

Let's go - bike caravan tour in Luckenau

Certainly “the” highlight during this year’s meeting of fans and freaks of the bicycle caravan scene – the approximately 10-kilometre-long tour around the town of Luckenau led by Jörg.

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The convoy went on secured paths from the festival meadow towards the Zeitz cycle path, initially on an asphalted route along the remaining open-cast mining holes, which are now considered lake reserves when left to nature.

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A little later there was a section with cobblestones that caused a lot of problems for some residential trailers that had hardly any spring travel on the wheel suspension. Driving slowly was the order of the day here.

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Anyone who seemed to know better had to live with the consequences: Not only was there a bicycle trailer that tipped over, but there was also a problem with the connecting axle in the connection to the bicycle, which was simply broken.

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But as a real community, we naturally help each other and so after about 10 kilometres of travel, all participants and their helpers were able to return to the festival meadow.

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There is no question that there was a lot of technical discussion afterwards, be it the design details of the sometimes really imaginative vehicles, be it technical details of the suspension or the connection to the towing vehicle.

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The range here was very wide-ranging, as it ranged from normal touring bikes to various e-bikes and recumbent bikes that were motor-assisted and at least partially equipped with interesting gimmicks.

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It goes without saying that there were almost always solar panels on the vehicles to generate electricity, which were either permanently installed on the caravan or were available as accessories. Generating electricity while on the go is an important topic, especially since it is needed for navigation.

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Even if some of the vehicle and lying areas left a lot to be desired, all participants seemed to have slept well and rested the following day. Of course, there were also those who still celebrated something.

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