3rd bicycle caravan meeting – this time in Luckenau

3rd bicycle caravan meeting – this time in Luckenau

Jörg and Marco have already organized the first two bicycle caravan meetings (FaWoWa meetings) in Germany in the last two years and want to continue this with their own passion in the coming years.

This year the meeting of cyclists with caravans took place on a 6000m² festival meadow in rural Luckenau, a district of the town of Zeitz in Burgenland district.

Off to the FaWoWa meeting in Luckenau

3.fahrradwohnwagentreffen 8Luckenau, located on the so-called Maibach, is about six kilometres northwest of the city centre of Zeitz. The small Maibach flows through the small town and flows into the White Elster a few kilometres further east. Brown coal mining once shaped the landscape and the remaining opencast mining holes now form small lakes, some of which are also used as bathing lakes. Major cities in the surrounding area are Gera, Leipzig and Halle.

The small villages of Luckenau, Weidau and Streckau were founded in the valley more than 1000 years ago. The town of Luckenau was first mentioned in a document in 976 as Villa Luongonosi, which was given to the diocese of Zeitz by Emperor Otto II. A community was formed from the villages of Luckenau, Streckau, Weidau and Gaumnitz in 1930.

In 1932, the town of Gaumnitz had to make way for an open-cast brown coal mine. In 1931 the village was completely demolished. Before the church tower was blown up in a controlled manner on June 29, 1931, the Gaumnitz church organ was moved to Nienstedt, which was built by Conrad Geißler in 1865 with the new Gaumnitz church.

Luckenau has a beautiful landscape, especially as the lakes invite you to explore. What more does the camper want, so rush back to the meeting.

Festival meadow reserved for FaWoWa - guests accommodated on private property

3.Fahrradwohnwagentreffen 5Jörg and Marco's slogan should not have been chosen for nothing at this point, because with "We want to improve every year" the goals are already set high. So the festival area in Luckenau was quickly found, which was understandably reserved for the bicycle caravans and their trailers or their towing vehicles. And when we arrived on Friday, the festival area was already full of bicycle caravans, so we had almost given up looking for our own camping area. No reason to panic, says Jörg, as he had taken precautions with some neighboring property owners and so we were also able to park and set up our car with a roof tent on private property. Once again, our compact kitchen showed off its best side, as the first tea and coffee were quickly prepared.

3.Fahrradwohnwagentreffen 6In particular, the Luckenauer Verein Dorfleben e.V. and a few reliable participants were active supporters who helped with the organization. There was a former school building right next to the festival meadow, whose sanitary facilities could be used by the participants.

Event period: Friday, September 1st to Sunday, September 3rd, 2023!

- Arrival is possible from Tuesday, August 29th, 2023!
- The supply of food and drinks is organized from Friday to Sunday!
- The festival area must be cleared by Sunday at 6 p.m.!

3.Fahrradwohnwagentreffen 4A marquee measuring 8m x 6m was set up for participants to use. There was a stage directly in front of the tent where the bike caravan weigh-in and raffle took place.

Jörg on the further procedure: Our goal is to organize rolls, sausage, cheese, jam, butter and coffee! (The price will be communicated on site and a list for participation in this shared breakfast will be created)

You must bring your own plates, cups and cutlery!

Of course, you can also take care of yourself completely! Of course, the less waste there is, the better it is!

A food truck, a drinks truck and a truck with an ice cream machine completed the picture so that all amenities were provided. There is also a recommended restaurant right next to the location, a garden restaurant about 2 km away or the option to have lunch at the Globus supermarket in Theißen (also about 2 km away).

Program item 1: Bicycle caravan weighing!

3.Fahrradwohnwagentreffen 3Jörg: Have you always wanted to know how much your caravan weighs with or without luggage? There is a scale set up on the stage in front of the marquee that can be used throughout the event! But if you would like to not only weigh your bicycle caravan, but also present it and say something about it, or perhaps take part in the competition for the lightest bicycle caravan, then you should be on stage with your vehicle at the specified time!

Saturday 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Program item 2: Fun tour together with the bicycle caravans!

Jörg: All bicycle caravans in a column at the same time? You won't know how cool it is until you've been there yourself! If you feel like it, you can take your team along with your team on the approx. 10km long ride, which primarily leads over asphalted field and cycle paths with only slight inclines! Some of the best video recordings are made here, which are published on various YouTube channels!

Saturday 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Program item 3: Ticket sales and free time!

3.Fahrradwohnwagentreffen 1Jörg: The number of tickets that can be purchased depends on the number of participants! The prizes that can be won will be on display throughout the day.

During your free time, you can also test ride various Pedelecs that are on display on site at E-Bike Camping & Kayak Tours! (For security reasons, you must provide your ID card)

Program item 4: Tombola, trophies, social gathering

After the big raffle on stage, the trophy winners will be announced!

There will be the following categories:

1st lightest bike caravan
2nd most beautiful bike caravan
3rd most innovative bicycle caravan
4. Best space-weight ratio
5. The best attention to detail bike caravan
6. Furthest, verifiable journey made with muscle power! (Pedelec is allowed)

3.Fahrradwohnwagentreffen 2After the trophy rental, a campfire is planned in a 1.2m fire bowl where we can all sit together sociably! (The prerequisite for the fire is that there are no restrictions due to various fire levels!). There are sausages and steaks (for a fee) from the charcoal grill!

Danger! No other campfires are permitted other than the fire in the fire bowl! Gas cookers can of course be used

Jörg again: We are not professionals, but we learn from every meeting!

We are Jörg and Marco, YouTubers from the bicycle caravan scene.

We are already looking forward to the next meeting!

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