Bike-Caravan for e-bikes - a meeting at Zeitz

Bike-Caravan for e-bikes - a meeting at Zeitz

Especially during the pandemic, the demand for "outdoor options" increased continuously. Well-preserved campers and caravans are hard to come by, and allotment plots near the city are certainly not available.

At the same time, sales of e-bikes are reaching record levels. An inexpensive and exciting type of outdoor adventure are undoubtedly the bicycle trailers that are already in use in many different ways, whether for transporting children or pets or as a cargo trailer. If they are only moved with muscle power, such a trip can quickly become a sweaty affair, but with a powerful electric motor you can also tackle the trailer tour comfortably.

The idea of ​​hanging a mini-caravan on a bicycle is not entirely new either. This is shown by the very different bicycle trailers from the manufacturers Gentle Tent, Wide Path Camper or the crazy cargo e-bike Zeltini. Countless self-constructions expand the range many times over, so there are even first meetings of this bicycle camper community. Even many bicycle campers who rely on a standard tent often have a trailer for their luggage with them so that the weight does not have to be unfavorably distributed across the saddlebags.

The trend - Versatile base of the trailer

fahrrad camper treffen 1The maximum permissible speed for the trailer is 25 km/h, which is usual for e-bike motors. The caravan is permanently attached to the rear axle via a steel cardan joint using a low drawbar and heavy-duty coupling. The variable loading area can saddle a maximum of 80 kg payload. A heavy-duty parking support is often also installed.

Increasingly, solutions are coming onto the market that often already have different uses or that can be used in a variety of ways with slight modifications. One variant is the trailer construction, which is based on the so-called tough bicycle trailer, which is equipped with a hydraulic, cushioned overrun brake. The built-in Shimano disc brakes should reliably bring the bicycle or e-bike combination to a standstill even with a heavy load.

The commercially available so-called Scoutcamper attachment can be placed on one of three trailer bases. When ready to drive, the footprint varies between 1.44 and 1.50 meters in length and 65 and 95 centimeters in width. If you want to use the trailer for transport purposes outside of your holiday, for example to visit the supermarket or hardware store, you can detach the caravan attachment from the base in just a few minutes. The trailer can also be used in everyday life.

Camping attachment Scout: Caravan for the bike

fahrrad camper treffen 2Back to the camping attachment, which, according to the manufacturer, can be opened in a very short time. Depending on the floor space and variant, the trailer is suitable for one to two people. The box on the trailer folds out into a bed with a pitched roof. Tent campers don't have to sleep on the ground. The lying surface is 200 x 120 cm in the largest version and 190 x 60 cm in the smallest version.

Underneath the lying area, storage boxes can be stored protected from the rain, which can be stored in the trailer while driving. There are small windows on the sides. An awning with full standing height can be opened in front of the bed. With side walls made of tent fabric, you are not only protected from wind and light, but also from prying eyes, for example if you want to put on new cycling shorts while standing. Under the awning, the trailer should also offer a second or third place to sleep, as you can set up a camp bed here or make yourself comfortable on an air mattress.

An awning can be stretched in front of the awning. This expands the living area on the camping plot or meadow again with a shady or rain-protected place. The so-called "Stay & Stop Camper", as the manufacturer calls it, should not only be suitable as easily transportable camping accommodation, but also as a beach chair, hunting shelter, fishing station, surveyor's office or sales stand.

Composite materials in use at ModyPlast

fahrrad camper treffen 3The German company ModyPlast has also recognized this. Before the pandemic, the main product was racing car parts. Compact bicycle caravans are now the mainstay of the company. The trailers differed from other wheeled trailers in their composite construction. These materials are light and inherently stable. The ModyPlast models are therefore not based on a metal frame construction that is coated.

Each trailer is made from foam core carbon fiber or fiberglass and is therefore very light. The weight is also an important point with an electric motor, after all, the personal luggage is added to the kilograms of the trailer. Air resistance is also noticeable, which is why some competing products use a folding mechanism. The ModyPlast caravan follows the streamlined teardrop shape. With a height of 146 to 150 centimetres, the trailer stays in the driver's slipstream.

Three variants are offered: tour, trekking and outdoor. They essentially differ in terms of ground clearance and tyres. The outdoor version is the most stable and worth considering for that reason alone. The trailers are designed for the EU limit for pedelecs of 25 km/h. It is not permitted to hang them on a fast S-Pedelec or a scooter.

fahrrad camper treffen 4The interior measures 208 x 86 x 102 centimeters and is accessed through a side door. That's enough for sleeping. A cooking box can be transported inside, but cooking is done outside. All of these trailers are suitable for an overnight stay, a longer stay will have you sprawling out outside the box. Here, for example, the GT Box from Gentletent can be added.

The Moby offers lashing eyes to fix the additional equipment in the interior. The payload while driving is at least 50 kilograms. Together with the approximately 50 kilograms of the trailer, you still have 100 kilograms on the hook. An e-bike with such a weight can handle flat and covered roads. For inclines and uneven ground, you should have a motor for mountain bikes and you have to reckon with a loss of speed. Basically, the wide tires of the outdoor version have a higher rolling resistance, but this can be reduced again with the right air pressure. The trailers are so big that they can be moved on field and forest roads. They are far too wide for real trails.

fahrrad camper treffen 5As an extra, you can order another window, a solar panel plus power station and an outdoor awning. In the future, underbody protection and aluminum roof rails will also be available. The models made of fiberglass cost 4,999.00 euros, in carbon construction the trailer is around 5 kilograms lighter, but also costs 2,000.00 euros more. The surcharge for the outdoor variant is 500.00 euros.

We will continue to monitor developments and report from time to time.

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