Caravan bike and camping - meeting in Wünschendorf

Caravan bike or e-bike camping - meeting in Wünschendorf

We had finished our tour through the idyllic village of Wünschendorf on the White Elster and returned to the site of the caravan e-bike campers, where Jörg was already waiting for us.

This was followed by a round of mutual introductions and, of course, one or more questions about our activities as part of the alaturka travel portal with its multi-layered route suggestions for outdoor friends in the fields of cycling and hiking.

Meanwhile, the MDR had also arrived with a reporting team and was busy filming and questioning the participants. We are looking forward to the report on MDR television.

Again and again we got descriptions of the very different motivations of the individual participants, which ultimately led to the construction of the sometimes very spartan, mobile dwellings.

For almost all users, ecology was the absolute focus of their activities, not just that they consciously rely on bicycles or e-bikes to get around and thus deliberately forego the use of internal combustion engines, but the “less is more” approach was entirely possible generally to be recognized.

So the width of the vehicle trailer was rather adapted to the handlebar width for crossing possible obstacles, because we prefer not to talk about comfortable sleeping space for one person, or housing for two people at this point.

The only exception in this regard was the so-called bturtle, which we had already reported on several times. The last time there was an encounter during the fair in Düsseldorf, where the family bturtle was presented for the first time.

There is also a mono version of the Bturtle, but the trend towards larger versions is clear, especially since e-bikes or trikes are now equipped with better batteries, which means greater ranges.

The use of photovoltaics to generate electricity is also multi-layered, sometimes permanently installed on the roof, then can be folded out or rolled out again, so that the energy supply is at least sufficient for navigation and lighting in the evening.

Not all vehicles are as light as the Bturtle with its own weight of just 29 kilograms, which is already clear from the sometimes “massive” structure. So the braking device is also a very important point for many trailers.

Resourceful builders have already come up with systems with overrun brakes that are installed on the trailers. It remains to be seen whether this system will prevail, as the braking effect sets in fairly abruptly.

The subject of lighting will also gain more and more importance, because cyclists will increasingly appear in road traffic with their caravans, and finding a connection to the bike itself will be a further step in the development.


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