Caravan Jaarbeurs - There is a lot to see and do!

Caravan Jaarbeurs - There is a lot to see and do!

Even the initial image is probably meaningful enough, if someone should ask, where we are right now. But it is not one of the German bicycle strongholds like Münster, Oldenburg or Trier.


We are in Utrecht at the camping and caravan fair Jaarbeurs. And here in Utrecht too, it is teeming with bikes, as we noticed at the fair's end when we strolled through the city center later. Nowhere a place where there are no bicycles. And at the fair too, everywhere bicycles, just different.


Showing equipment for long-term travel, as is clearly recognizable. This is not just about reviews for long-term travel, no, the equipment and usability of the individual elements were presented.


Every year at the camping and outdoor fair the latest models of caravans, folding trailers, tents and camping accessories are shown. This year there is winter camping and off-road camping in the spotlight of the camping and caravan Jaarbeurs.


Very cool camping equipment such as roof tents, caravans, motorhomes and caravans, you can be outside almost all year round, with some of the caravans even in winter.


Adventurous camping is practiced in the mini caravans, which are among the smallest at the fair. Company Procamp is a specialist for compact campers and the mini-caravans fit behind the smallest towing vehicles.


So as the BTurtle, the mini-caravan from Bturtle GmbH for the bike. To travel in flat areas with the normal touring bike, in the hilly or mountainous regions pulled by e-bike. But wait: even for never changing touring cyclist (without electrical help) there is a solution: e-drive on BTurtle.


And how fortunate that the outfitters also come up with clever solutions for the other equipment: here are the practical, comfortable inflatable sofas, which were experienced by many visitors.


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