BEA in Bern - the trade fair - something for everyone!

BEA in Bern - a trade fair all around - something for everyone!

The BEA in Bern is literally an exhibition for all stakeholders, as we saw during our visit this year.


Here you will find everything that commercial, agricultural and industrial, has to offer, with the culinary and leisure activities such as camping and outdoor which are not neglected.


The first BEA took place on 1 September 1951. Highlights of the first implementation were a housewife's day, a large autumn and winter fashion show and a so-called BEA cabaret.


In addition, there was a free cinema on the fairground and a balloon flight for the youth. On the occasion of the first implementation 160 exhibitors took part.


According to visitors, the BEA is the second largest public exhibition in Switzerland after the OLMA. In terms of area and number of exhibitors, it is even Switzerland's largest public exhibition.


At its 68th implementation in 2019, BEA had more than 950 exhibitors and is expected to attract more than 300,000 visitors.


The main focus of the BEA is still on the living cultural heritage of Bern and its surroundings. This includes the agricultural and traditional character as well as the homely atmosphere.


In contrast, the focus on innovative topics is set at certain special shows and as a main component in the exhibition areas.


After the Emmental (in 2011) and the Bernese Oberland (in 2012), the city of Bern presented itself at the BEA in 2013.


Starting in 2014, the BEA yearly had taken place under one motto. The slogan 2014 was «wild», 2015 «Kunterbunt and Megastark» and 2016 «Original and Originals».


Exhibition Areas

As an exhibition for trade, agriculture and industry, the following industries are represented at BEA:

  • Commercial and industrial
  • living and building
  • kitchens and bathrooms
  • Household and electrical appliances
  • health and wellness
  • Leisure and sports
  • Fashion, jewelry and cosmetics
  • tasting
  • Food
  • craft and tradition

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