Saicur's debut album, "Live or Die '' is available now

Saicur's debut album,

She is the first artist who created an anthem for her project. Saicur's debut album, "Live or Die '' is available now , just six months after the start of her project.

Ukrainian and European show business got to know extraordinary Saicur and her deep tracks six months ago. Saicur presented new tracks, which caused delight in some and, on the contrary, incomprehension in others. Her music is about originality and meaning, but it's all about Saicur, who raises important questions about life through her work, and is already being raved about by the European media.

saicur 7084 2The artist presents her debut album, "Live or Die" on 10th of May, which includes eight tracks about choices in life, about the absurd behaviour of modern people, about haters, from whom influencers suffer emotionally, about inner experiences, love for everyone and abuse in relationships.

Saicur uses his creativity as a platform to express non-trivial thoughts about life and social issues that need attention and discussion not only between individuals, but also among a wide audience.

The Saicur project is a unique universe with its own rules and standards, the singer destroys all stereotypes in show business. She does not plan to obey the rules, but creates them herself. And even several of her tracks have only three lines of lyrics, which is atypical for artists.

3 Saicur For Fun 4x5 INSTA1Saicur has its own anthem, which, by the way, is included in the debut album "Live or Die". The anthem, which will accompany the artist throughout her creative journey, appeared together with the pseudonym eight years ago, but it was waiting for its time, and now it has come. An extraordinary artist with crazy ideas will fill her Instagram and TikTok social networks with videos that reveal the meaning of each song and the personality of the singer. The album "Live or Die'' is like a start in Saicur's creativity, but it is a big step towards the realization of a brilliant goal, after the realization of which most will talk about the uniqueness of the singer. But for now, this goal remains a secret.

The album "Live or Die" is filled with electronic tracks, but in the original style of the artist, which is intertwined with emotions and deep meaning, which helps listeners not only enjoy the music, but also think about the essence of their existence. And the track "Name" in general is like a mantra that helps to heal from internal experiences and problems.

The album includes the tracks "Anthem of Saicur", "Intro", "Live or Die", "You love I Leave", "Name", "Sun goes Down", "Cry for You", "For Fun" and will be waiting for you on all music platforms.

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