Raab, Rabatz and Moson-Danube near Györ - beautiful

Raab, Rabatz and Moson-Danube near Györ - lovely landscape

The term "City of Rivers", as the Hungarian city of Györ is sometimes called, caused some ideas / trouble in our mind, because when we were looking for a parking, we got the first view to one of the rivers, which was diked very high.

Its waters seemed to be strongly interspersed with sediments, which was followed by the almost brown color of the water, not without reason the ancient name of today's Raab was Arrabo, which means "the brown one". That means, Raab river is not only recently interspersed with sediments, which can be seen quite clearly at the confluence with the Rabatz.

The Springs of Raab river

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_ungarn_gyoer_gyoer-3-fluesse-2.JPGThe Raab rises in Styria in Austria, flows past Sárvár and flows into the Mosoni Duna (also called Moson-Danube or Little Danube) next to Győr in Hungary, a right branch of the Danube. The spring of Raab is located at the foot of the Osser in the community Hohenau an der Raab (Teichalm). Between Arzberg and Oberdorf the Raab flows through the Raabklamm, the longest gorge in Austria. At Mogersdorf, the Raab forms the state border between Austria and Hungary on two short sections.

We crossed the Raab on a modern road bridge, then saw the confluence of Raab and Rabatz a little downstream, with a huge arched bridge behind it, which was our first destination. The idyllic promenade is lined with shady trees, a small theater seemed to be scheduled for events, we also found another bike rental station. Next to the carriageway of the arch bridge is a bike path that led to the suburb of Györ. We also noticed a three-arm water spray system for pedestrians right at the beginning of the bridge, which sprayed cooling wet on the passers-by. More of these stations were in the city center.

Modern parking garage with a futuristic driveway

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_ungarn_gyoer_gyoer-3-fluesse-1.JPGAn initially, unclear in its function, large square directly after the arch bridge then turned out to be a modern parking garage with a futuristic driveway, which we took a closer look at. In fact, there were some interesting details that would also do our cities good: there were park benches that had small solar panels set up to charge mobile phones. Great idea and implemented in perfect way.

An old paddle steamer, now functioning as a museum and restaurant, formed an imposing photo panorama, then there was a huge mirror contributing to the reflection of large parts of the city as a mirror image. It's great what was done on facilities and options for the citizens and visitors of the city of Györ.

A little further downstream, Rab and Rabatz then meet the Moson Danube, also known as the Small Danube. The Moson-Danube is a tributary of the Danube in Hungary, which branches off at the Slovakian weir Čunovo to the south of the Danube, it runs meandering and almost completely natural to Győr, where the Raab flows. A paradise for nature lovers and hikers. The Moson-Danube itself flows back into the main river northeast of Győr.

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