And another culinary pleasure - lemon yoghurt with fruit

And another culinary pleasure - lemon yoghurt with fruit

Once again, we were surprised by our hosts presenting a deliciously cool dessert, which is so simple to make, that it hardly needs any description, just the number of lemons used is characterized by personal taste.

In any case, a healthy, light dessert or meal in between, sugar is dispensed, especially recommended when the sun is burning and there is little desire for opulent dishes.

Again, the main ingredients were whipped cream (who likes it a bit sweeter, can add vanilla sugar or some powdered sugar) and a creamy yoghurt. Also the choice of the yoghurts is a little bit a personal taste, whether creamy or quite natural.

In the yoghurt, the juice of at least 4 lemons (with 500 grams of yoghurt and a cup of cream) is mixed, and the unstuck or sugared stiff whipped cream is carefully mixed within. The decoration can also be made of thinly sliced lemons, perhaps with leaves of the lemon balm to be decorated in addition, the pictures in the appendix show some examples, who would love it rather be more colorful.

If you want, you can also pre-portion and cool it, decorate and serve it in a small bowl. Important is the cooling, to really feel the freshness of this delicious light dessert.
Enjoy it, really easy and quickly prepared!

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