Jever: Hüdel and pears - the special Frisian dish!

Jever: Hüdel and pears - the special Frisian dish!

When we were introduced to the local customs of drinking tea on Saturday morning at Maria and Jochen's place during our breakfast with Brita and Gerda, the question of other eating or drinking habits that could perhaps be named typical arose for us.

Without further ado, we formulated a corresponding question about a meal that can perhaps be considered typical of the Friesland region, but is otherwise largely unknown. Jochen was quick to help and listed a few dishes such as kale with pinkel, Labskaus and Hüdel and pears. We already knew Labskaus from Hamburg, green cabbage is best in winter, so the in-depth question about Hüdel and pears remained.

Invitation to a “Hüdel und Pears” meal

birnen huedel 1Now it was Maria's turn and she explained in a few sentences what is meant by this dish, while also making it clear that for many eaters this is understood more as a dessert than as a main course. However, some of the ingredients made us sit up and take notice and we could no longer imagine hüdel and pears as dessert, because after all, streaky bacon was mentioned as a basic ingredient. All of a sudden, interest was aroused so much that further questions came up and in the end Maria felt more “necessary” to invite us to a “Hüdel und Pears” meal. Since the weekly market in Jever was announced again next Tuesday, she wanted to look around for cooking pears there and, if possible, invite them to lunch on Wednesday.

The cooked streaky bacon was also portioned and served with it

birnen huedel 3As was to be expected, the time had come on Wednesday around 12:00 p.m.: Hüdel and pears were ready and steaming on the table. Maria and Jochen had already asked for absolute punctuality for the day beforehand, since the Hüdel (although Maria had portioned the Hüdel for 4 people this time) would be ready on time and would not allow any delay or even warming up. We took this to heart and were at the table on time. Surely unusual for some tastes or even hard to imagine, after the distribution of the portions for the number of people, which were spread a little on the plate, then heaped with boiled pears. The cooked streaky bacon was also portioned and served with it.

We can only say so much: It tasted excellent. Mainly due to the alternation of the hearty, spicy, streaky building bacon with the sweetness of the pears, whose juice was somewhat thickened with vanilla pudding powder, as we found out in the conversation. Despite the very filling effect of the really impressive yeast dumpling with all the pears, hardly any noise could be heard during the meal. It just tasted good. Of course we asked for the recipe, hopefully also in the interest of our readers. Attached you will find two variants, which can also be varied according to personal taste.

We wish you bon appetit:

1. Hüdel and pears (here for 2 people)

amount of ingredient
500g flour
25 grams of yeast
60 grams of sugar
250 ml lukewarm milk
1 pc egg
1 kg of pears
2 pieces of bacon
some cornstarch (Maria used vanilla pudding powder here)                                  

Preparation of the chicken and pears

birnen huedel 2Make the yeast dough and let it rise for approx. 1 hour. In the meantime, quarter the pears, core them (peel them if necessary) and cover them with water in a tall saucepan.

Add the bacon while the pears are cooking, place the yeast dumpling on top and cook with the lid on, about 1 hour. (The Hüdel cooks in steam!).

Thicken the pears later with the cornstarch or custard powder.

Important! Never lift the lid during the cooking time, otherwise the dumpling will collapse.

2. Ingredients for portions of hüdel and pears for 4 people, different recipe, but also very tasty!

8 pears (cooking pears)
1 tbsp anise
400 grams of flour
220 grams of butter
¼ liter of milk
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 cube of fresh yeast,
4 bacon, smoked streaky, cooked sausages or smoked rib
2 sausages (smoked boiled sausages)


birnen huedel 4Wash, peel and quarter the pears. Place in a tall saucepan and add water. The pears should be 3/4 covered with water. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of anise on top.

Top the pears with striped bacon, boiled sausages or smoked pork ribs according to personal taste.

Put 400 g flour in a bowl, add fresh yeast, 1 teaspoon sugar and warm, not hot milk and mix. Cover the bowl with a tea towel and set in a warm place for about 1/2 hour.

Then add 220 g warm butter and 1 teaspoon salt and knead everything. Keep warm again until the dough has doubled in size. Shape the dough into a large ball.

Place the yeast dumpling on the smoked bacon and the smoked boiled sausages (or Kasseler).

Let everything cook for about 50-60 minutes.

Important! Never lift the lid during the cooking time, otherwise the dumpling will collapse.

After the cooking time, remove the yeast dumpling and the meat from the pot. Thicken the pears with potato flour. Serve everything together.

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