Prüllerkes or Schwemmertje - delicious from East-Frisian

Prüllerkes or Schwemmertje - delicious from East-Frisian

We came across this typical Frisian-East Frisian pastry in the old port of Carolinensiel, where we had gone for the Christmas market.

Depending on the region, there are definitely different names for this typical fat pastry. Sometimes called Prüllkers or Prüllerkes if you use a pre-formed special pan for frying, but the name Schwemmertjes is also widely used if the cakes are fried floating in fat or lard.

Preparation: Now knead all the ingredients well

bomboisis pruellerkes 1 Milk is heated in a small saucepan and mixed with the yeast and 2 teaspoons of sugar. Let the mixture rise for about 15 minutes, but the milk must not boil!

Put the flour in a bowl, add the milk and yeast mixture and also add all the other ingredients like eggs, butter, residual sugar and raisins. Now knead all the ingredients well, this is best done by hand until a smooth dough mixture has formed.

Now let the dough rest for about 45 minutes until it has doubled in size. Shortly before the time is up, heat the fat or lard to around 160 degrees, form the dough into balls the size of chicken eggs and place in the hot fat. Be careful, it can sometimes splash.

Fry the dough balls until golden brown, sometimes they turn themselves, sometimes you have to turn them yourself.

Now the Schwemmertjes are rolled in sugar and served hot.

Ingredients for Schwemmertjes - Bumboisis - Prüllerkes

pruellerkes bomboisis 2500g flour
250ml milk
3 egg(s)
40 grams of yeast
3 tbsp sugar
75 grams of butter
250 grams of currants
Lard or oil for frying

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