Optician - reasonable alternative in Turkey

Optician - reasonable alternative in Turkey

Because of the health reforms in different European countries leading to increasing prices, lots of travellers to Turkey now use the services of the many excellent opticians here. 

Apart from their excellent qualifications and the highly technological equipment in their shops, it is the price which makes it so interesting for customers to get their new glasses and/or lens, have repairs done on their old ones or buy extra sets of exclusive famous names here.

Service is the magic word. In Europe, staffing costs are high. Money spent on wages in Turkey is very low. So, service became the main advantage for the Turkish optician over their European competitors. Most of the European health insurance companies have already got to know about this and show that they are willing to cover the costs of the bills when you buy new glasses here, because it means they save money as well. Discuss this with your health insurance provider.

Prescriptions for glasses written by European opticians are not yet accepted in Turkey. The easiest way to avoid any problems is to talk to your insurance provider before coming to Turkey and ask if they will pay the reduced costs for glasses from here. Make sure you get this in writing from your insurance company. After returning home, you should then get your costs back.


Quality and material of the glasses, the lens and the polishing of the glasses is of a high professional standard.  Just as in Europe, it is done by computerised CNC-polish automats. Of course, even here there are differences in the professionalism of opticians. It is always better to look for a professional, well-equipped shop and to compare prices, staffing and the quality of the shop before you decide where to have it done. There is no need to worry, there are many opticians here.


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