Wellness is a question of daily Life-quality

Wellness is a quality of Life

For all Wellness fans Turkey has recently become more popular. The quality of the sea-water is excellent and because of that it is used more and more often for various forms of hydro-therapies.

On the Turkish Riviera between Fethiye and Antalya, 26 large, well-known thermal springs are used for these treatments. The Sheraton Hotel uses three pools, two as thermal pools of different temperatures and a third one with warm sea-water. Similar treatments are to be found in Side, Belek, Antalya, Bodrum, Kemer and Fethiye. If you count all the thermal springs in the area, you will find there are more than one thousand of them, offering temperatures between 20 and 110 degrees.
You can choose between traditional thermal springs and baths, sulphur springs and mud baths.

Hierapolis, better known as Pamukkale, and Bahkiklicermik close to Sivas, are the main centres for thermal baths in Turkey. Hierapolis was originally used by the Romans who loved bathing in thermal springs whose waters contain many different minerals. Today tourists from all over the world enjoy these baths.

Bahkiklicermik, a small village in the centre of Anatolia, offers a new treatment for people suffering from skin diseases. The water of some basins is very rich in sulphur and salt and is home to a species of small fish which are able to remove the affected skin and in this way help to ease the condition. This treatment has become famous world wide.

In May 2000 a group of hotel owners founded an association for Wellness, Beauty and Health. Today there are 60 members offering all the well known aspects of modern care. Because of that Turkey has become one of the major centres in this business.


Some of Wellness Programs

Thermal Bath:

This therapy uses the healing effects of warm spring waters which are often rich in different minerals. Hotels have beautiful baths showing different designs and landscapes.


Originally Thalasso comes from the Greek meaning to do with the sea. A bath of warm sea water is used to relax the patient. The healing energy of salt water and the fresh air from the sea is the basis of the therapy. It helps with blood circulation and increases physical well-being.

Body peeling:

This helps to optimize your blood circulation and your metabolism. With the help of coarse-grained peeling creams or sea salt, your skin is deeply cleansed.

Cellulite Treatment:

All parts of your body suffering from cellulite are worked on. Different types of massage, diets and Thalasso baths help to reduce fat and break down the cellulite.


To help keep the body naturally young using cosmetic treatments and to increase vitality.


This Japanese form of healing helps to give new energy to your body thanks to the power of somebody working over and around your body with their hands.


Developed from acupressure, Shiatsu uses pressure on different parts of your body, which helps with various problems. This method of treatment was also originally used by the Japanese.

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