Moments and thoughts at village festival 875 years of Billroda

Moments and thoughts at village festival 875 years of Billroda

In addition to social gatherings, a village festival always means the presentation of the various trades and the associated machine technology - what luck if the residents still have old technology or even put their craftsmanship to the test.

billroda dorffest 2

This also applies to the 875th anniversary celebrations in Billroda, where, in addition to a few old tractors and fire engines that are at least as old, various trades that once belonged to every village are reminiscent of demonstrations.

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And isn't it regrettable how little has been preserved of this cultural asset, how little interest there is in craftsmanship at all at the moment - the result is a shortage of craftsmen in numerous sectors.

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This is the stand of the bakers who bake the bread in the clay oven, freshly prepared and sliced while it is still hot, hmmm – simply delicious. Completely different from our daily industrial bread.

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The clay oven is built on a trailer, which is pulled by a tractor, the firewood that goes with it is split and stored on the trailer ready to hand.

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Of course, no one wants to go back to long-gone times, because craftsmanship has always involved physical exertion and that is precisely why it is missing in all areas today. Much more comfortable at home on the PC.

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Let's take the ladies at the spinning wheel, who were able to spin yarn from different materials. Who can do that today?

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Or the chair weaver, who restores the torn weave of a seat made of natural material, not only having to demonstrate manual skills but also to understand the weaving technique and be concentrated at work.

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Yesterday's technology? Far from it, because craftsmanship can easily be transferred to other areas. So if you think that we no longer need these technologies today, you are unfortunately further wrong.

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Thus, the craftsmanship should be presented and conveyed to adolescents over and over again. All too often one has to realize that adults are also not interested in mediation, but at the same time the lack of craftsmen is repeatedly lamented.

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