100 years Schleizer Dreieck – open paddock

100 years Schleizer Dreieck – open paddock

The so-called paddock is part of a motorsport site and describes the area where the participants and their vehicles are housed during an event.

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In the case of permanent circuits, this area is fenced off, among other things to control access, which absolutely prohibits normal public access.

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The paddock itself is then usually divided again, for example into the part directly adjacent to the pits and other areas, including a correspondingly large parc fermé.

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For events on non-permanent routes, such as the Schleizer Dreieck, this infrastructure must be made available on a mobile basis. So, include u. also mobile toilet and shower cubicles for appearance in racing.

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For smaller events, the gastronomy can be concentrated in a marquee or, usually combined in “streets”, be set up in one or more open-air areas.

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The open access to the paddock at these events gives this area the basis of its presence and of course the probably essential feeling of being directly there.

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At events lasting several days, a large proportion of the drivers and their helpers spend the night in the paddock or at least need a place to rest, which often consists of a camper or even a tent.

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The appearance of the paddock is characterized by large and small mobile homes and tents, which are located directly next to the actual racing vehicles and their means of transport (from semi-trailers to simple car transport trailers).

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Since the vans have become more and more expensive over time and the demands for comfort in the living area have increased, there are often space problems that should lead to early registration.

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These can rarely be resolved by expanding the paddock. Rather, the participants register their transport vehicles, stating the required parking space, together with their entry and are allocated a correspondingly large space elsewhere.

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The private cars of the drivers and helpers almost always have to be parked outside, mostly also the transport trailers that are empty during the event, which are usually parked on leased meadows.

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In addition to the Schleitzer Dreieck, one of the best known and oldest paddocks still in existence is the historic paddock at the Nürburgring.

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