Station 37 - Transitcamp "Enigma" south of Vranje

Station 37 - Transit camp

In research of stopovers for the expansion of a camper route to the south, which is also intended to encourage wintering in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey,

we had heard about the Transitcamp Enigma from Pimi and Rino at the campsite Rino.

Our interest was aroused and so wedecided for a stopover at the place Transit Camp Enigma in the context of our trip to the north, which we had to compete for upcoming TÜV appointments.

Very pleasant and friendly again was the border crossing on the Macedonian-Serbian border, we had to experience it differently in the past. Pleasing also the real progress in the development of the A1 between Skopje and Belgrade, which facilitates the driving very much. The only bottleneck still is the approximately 25 kilometer long valley passage at Predejane, where the highway is not finished, but the progress in construction is visible everywhere. The connoisseur of beautiful routes, however, said that the drive on the highway is a scenic pleasure.

About 25 kilometers after crossing the border, the town of Vranje has been reached. Here, there will be some explorations from our side with then following articles. Mentioned, at this point, should be already the legendary White Bridge. Due to the completion of the motorway, it seems a bit complicated to reach the transitcamp Enigma. When entering the coordinates into the Navi which of course is of a great help and so the place is reached quickly, which is 2 km south of Vranje and Corridor 10. Why the name Transitcamp was chosen, remained unclear to us even after initial talks, but it implies a transit place for one night which is not good description for the campsite, very helpful and admirable hospitality.

Camping Enigma is located outside of populated areas and the main roads, so it also allows holidays and stay in a completely quiet, natural environment. In addition to the attractive location, this camp is also characterized by additional extras: in addition to the additional offers of this campsite (outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, garden), visitors can explore the attractive surroundings (Vranje, Vranje, Vlasina, Monastery). We will soon report on places worth visiting.

Thus, Camping Enigma is increasingly becoming a popular location for campers traveling south, whether to Greece or further to Turkey or back, which is known for its hospitality.

Auto Camping Enigma offers the following options:

  • Connection possibility for the water and power supply of all vehicle types
  • Discharge / disposal of sewage, chemicals and solid waste
  • WC and hot showers
  • Dishwashing options
  • Washing machines
  • Restaurant with open air seats

The campsite has 24 hours security, CCTV, is fenced and will be closed at night

Especially important: The campsite is open all year around!

Follow the

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In the south to the excavation site Sztobi there are 139 kilometers over well-developed motorway with low toll costs.

Next arrival point in the north, also for sightseeing Belgrade: Station 38 - Camping Center Belgrade

In the north to the Camping Center Belgrade there are 346 kilometers over well-developed motorway with low toll costs, a stopover is in preparation.

In the southwest to the city exploration Shkodra, also to the coast Albania, please: Station 8 - Camping Ljegjenda near Shkodra

Until Camping Ljegjenda near Shkodra, there are 387 kilometers over partially new motorway route.

Number 37 Auto Camping Enigma is partner of the project, as well as registered at the ADAC, in, in and tripadvisor. Camping Enigma Kupinince bb, Vranje 01. 01. — 31. 12. +381 69 2519970, +381 63 8399367 +381 17 401403 +381 69 636578

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GPS: N 42.507754, E 21.9047972            42.507754, 21.904797

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