Konaklı - Lonely Beaches next to Alanya

Konaklı - Alanya

Konaklı is a today rapidly growing former village about 8 miles from the centre of Alanya. It is an independent town which comes under the jurisdiction of the local authority of Alanya.

It is about 90 miles to the airport of Antalya but it is quickly reached on the dual carriage–way from Antalya to Mersin. The journey takes approximately 90 minutes by car.

The mild, temperate climate of the area offers an average temperature of 27 ° in summer and 14 ° in winter. About 330 days a year there is bright sunshine all along the 40 miles of wonderful beaches and coastline. Konaklı has already grown to a population of 30.000.

On the way to Alanya, you will pass the lovely beach shown in the pictures. Mostly nearly empty, if one likes to be alone, you can relax and enjoy sunshine. There is still just one small cabin offering some foods and drinks.

Close to Konaklı you will find the ancient fortress of Alarahan and the Caravanserai of Alarahan, which was originally built as accommodation for the caravans at the height of the trade along the Silk Road. Most of the inhabitants of Konaklı live on tourism and growing of vegetables. Each Wednesday there is a big weekly bazaar where all the vegetables grown in this area are on sale. A day out at this market is always interesting and enjoyable.

There are some big hotels available in Konakli, from good three-star appartements to five-star hotels. Lot of different activities are available to visitors. During the day at the beach you can go paragliding, banana boat riding, water skiing or jet skiing. Even diving for beginners as well as for professionals is offered. Or you join into one of the boat trips along the coastline. There are plenty of possibilities.

If all this means too much water for you, what about hiking along the beach, contacting locals?

Many small markets in the center offer different textiles, gold and leather goods. And don´t miss the wonderful small restaurants which offer freshly prepared foods from Turkish cuisine as well as well-known European dishes.

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