Project Start: Journey of Intimacy & Culture

A journey of Intimacy and Culture

Facing couple of problems which created certain different works have forced us to wait for a long period of time to announce the beginning of our project. But now we can start our journey beginning of April 2014:  "A journey of Intimacy and Culture along the Roman Roads".

A huge amount of frame stipulations we had to full fill, lot of obstacles stood in the way, sometimes we really were despairing. But now first important sponsors cleared up, so we can officially start with our trip beginning of April this year. We are quite happy to announce that within the celebration of 6o years anniversary of the existence of Goethe Institute in Izmir we are going to start.

But first of all, our dear followers of Alaturka Journal, we would like to say a warm thank you since you are accompanying us for a couple of years already as readers and users. Parallel to this we would like to use the opportunity to let you know, that we have, in relation to the beginning of the project, worked out a complete new design of Alaturka Journal which will need little time for your reorientation. There have been so many main topics renewed or changed taking influence on the structure of the portal, that without new layout and design it would not have been possible to arrange. Please be happy together with us, that there will be new Alaturka Journal published around midst of February and the old version will be switched off.

Publishing the new version of Alaturka Journal will not just show couple of new authors. additional to the old ones, the important Alaturka Blog will be pushed much more to the centre of the portal especially because of daily short reports about the events during our project phase. Next to it we will publish a time table with detailed information about the places of the project "A journey of Intimacy and Culture along the Roman Roads", so you have the chance to follow in long term view. With the help of this you will have the possibility for a meeting at any of our destinations, so you can join the events or take part in the activities on the way. We would love to have certain meetings with you during our tour.

Next to the pictures, you already know lot of them from our picture gallery, in the future there will be short video clips shown introducing certain events or activities we faced during the trip. There will be colourful and different adventures shown in these clips.

Please keep on following us on our cultural routes which then do not need to be just virtuell routes anymore. Together with the first announcement of the project "A journey of Intimacy and Culture along the Roman Roads" lot of followers were asking for accompanying us during certain events. From our point of view, and this is quite important to clear it up, Roman Road system means a kind of network to exchange cultures for the support of understanding between human beings. Next to lot of different, sometimes strange duties, roads were always essential coefficients for cultural exchange and by that one important condition for  intimacy and tolerance between the folks.

We would be really happy, if we can still count with your help and support. Just little later there will be added more news and information regarding the beginning of the project.

Thank you very much for your interest and attention.


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